Is self reliance a myth?

                Once upon a time from the villages came milk, fruits, vegetables, flowers, condiments and clothes to town. So did the theater. This was the time when we prospered naturally, and we only optimized natural wealth. We may not have been very literate, but we were definitely more educated and better employed. The weekly village market being the super sale at the mall

                Small stuff like coriander leaves, kadipatta, or pudina we run to town.   

                One wonders where the green, prosperous, self reliant country has vanished. – Logical answer is it has become the garbage dump for the so called developed countries.

                With education turning its focus to degrees, and literacy only we have a vacuum. The wealth has gone wasted, health destroyed. All proposals and plans of rural development only push the farmer into greater debts. Making us more and more dependent.

                Local eating habits are another causality, to the urbanization, and globalization bringing with it imbalance in nutrition. The Kadai, cuisine an art, well that’s for my next exploration. Today I have been wondering about a dish that has almost vanished from the Udupi cuisine, called Tambli.

                Luckily for me my father Dr.Srinivasa Rao P.N. knew lot of people and being from a rural background, he was very much into our ethnic lifestyle.  One of his friends Sri.Purushotam Rao .M. from Sagar actually gifted this book to me through him. It was all about our traditional cuisine, not the shetty-udupi hotel kind but rural Malnad-Tulunad kinds.  The information he had collected was so interesting that I decided to share it with all my friends here.

                This was so popular that we have a saying “unnokondu tambli – hoddukollodakkondu kambli”  the tradition thambuhuli has got corrupted to tambli. Thambuhuli in itself being the colloquial version of tampu huli or cooling sour liquid. Equating this to the ayurveda point of view, this may not be very right, in terms of dosha classification i.e. we cannot randomly call it shita from the rural vocabulary point of view this could be thampu(cool) because since it feels cool after consuming it or because it is not boiled.

                Tambli’s are made out of herbs, seeds, vegetables, kernels’, these were seasonal and sometimes even therapeutic. This Local knowledge bank has been eroded.

                With each village dying out we are loosing tremendous knowledge and experience. They might not yet be documented and published in the world journals, but they are they for us to ensure that we could take them to the world platform. 

                 As my humble contribution to a movement trying to revive the ethnic knowledge and lifestyle of Malnaad-tulunaad, I’m sharing this. Sri Purshotham Rao, heralds the Tambli as out reviving spirit, as it is a unique dish of Malnaad-tulnaad region.

                For those who are interested in Rural Revival and Rehabilitation.  Any information, guidance can be got  through

Sanjivana krishi shamshodhana prathishtana

Jambani grama,barooru post



Krishi  prayoga parivara

Krishi nivaasa, karuvalli post

Thirthalli shivamogga.-577432

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