A Risk Worth Taking

A risk I took without a second thought

World Guide Flag flying in Warrumbungles

It was the annual camp of girl guides at Doddaballapur. we were trying out various activities. The was the rope bridge with one rope to walk on and one to hold on. None of us willing to take the risk of walking across. what did forget to tell you is beneath was a river.

No doubt, there were life savers around but the fear factor was strong.

I was a very adventurous 14yr.old. I finally decided to attempt the cross, I got half way when a friend of mine decided to join me, when I went three quarter distance she fell into the river, without another thought i jumped in to pull her out. I got her to the shore believe me that was a risk worth taking it built my own sense of courage, I could feel a mite good about myself despite constantly being told how I do not meaure up.Most important I made a friend for life.

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bitting my nails.. no thank you

More than scare I have been revolted by many movies.

Scary movies?

I by and large avoid them. But there are two that made enough impact on me.

The first one was “Gremlins” the entry of the sweet faced mogwayi converting into the Gremlin was scary. I remember being scared of the dark for the next few weeks.

There was also a Hindi movie which to be frank was quite idiotic, but when I saw it our flat was under re-construction so it was messy and creaky and this murder horror mystery was really fearful. I think the movie was called Kaun? It was about a psychopathic killer.

Indian dramaturgy has a concept called Bhibatsa, which means revolting and this is usually inspired by violence. This is an emotion that I have experienced quite often. By the way Bhayanaka is term for fearsome.

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How do solve a problem like maria?

put the pieces togather to solve the jigsaw puzzle called me.

Applique de vêtement kazakh (musée Guimet)

How do you solve a problem like Maria?

How do you hold the moonbeam on the sand?

Who knows me better than anyone else? Me of course. I know my shortcomings and am discovering my strength. But that is not what you are asking me right Plinky?

I guess you want to know the flesh and blood representation of who knows me best.

When it comes to it maybe my daughters. But usually I notice people recognize traits they are comfortable with or get repelled with what they are not comfortable with. The real I would emerge only when the bits and pieces of appliqué are sewn together in the right pattern.

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chaikhana the tea houses along the legendary silk route

Mixed Appetizer Platter @ Silk Route

If I were to own a restraurant I would call it chaikhana, in honour of the tea houses along the legendary silk route from china to middle East.

These chaikhana’s historically offered weary travellers tea and meal before the advent of formal restaurants.

I see visions of youngsters having brainstorming sessions over wallet friendly traditional cuisine. Middle aged intellectuals working the inspiration of a revolution which would of course be carried out by the adoring young uns. Travel wary families stopping for a nourishing break.

Hmm the waft of tea, snacks being fried along with loud volumes of open debate drifts in.

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Dumbfound for an anwer

surprise synonymous with flabbergast, dumbfound, amaze, astonish, unaware, unanticipated.


Do I like surprises? Nice question with so many Synonyms—astonish, amaze, dumbfound, flabbergast, astound

When I am caught in a situation unawares, it could be pleasant or unpleasant, to take or catch unawares surprisingly it is that one that flabbergasts us that in reality reveals a pleasant surprise our own talent, skill, or resource to face an adversity, it lets us grow and bloom.

When attacked without warning is too dumbfound to react, it can hurt physically and mentally. Again it is an amazing time for retrospection.

An unanticipated gift or visit makes me wonder, I am humbled by the attention and astonished at the effort people take for others.

An unintentional word, or an expected revelation at times it hurts, at times it astounds, it could leave us flabbergast with shock, or dumbfound with embarrassment.

A surprise party, or gift is always amazing and enjoyable.

Over all a surprise is welcome sometimes exciting many a time trifle painful.

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Home Is…

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Home should be stress free and a well-spring of energy.

No matter where we live taking care of the dwelling is also taking care of our souls. It should not be impersonal spaces that we just pass through. They have to be tended like gardens that need care in order to offer us the beauty of their blooms. When we make the time to treat our homes like treasures, we can shift our energy from being merely places to being well springs for replenishment of our energy.

Home is the outer reflection of the people who live within. When it clashes with the personality it causes problems. Updating homes to reflect the inner landscape does not mean massive redecoration or large expenditure. It means ensuring that what we value and love is within our gaze, so are our priorities and focuses. Decluttering and discarding unused objects means releasing trapped energies and opening spaces for energies to circulate. Bills in neat boxes would ensure their prompt payment.

Simplifying our spaces lets our imagination and energy roam free. We could choose to prioritize our homes making them true heart of our family activities.

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Poseidon strikes back.

within infinite myths lies the eternal truth, who sees it all? Varun has but a thousand eyes.

Poseidon rising

If there is one thing I would like to change in this world it would be mad world of construction. Houses being bought as investments, leading to land encroachment, forest poaching, asphyxiation of the rivers.

When I hear of the Tsunami’s and the Hurricane’s sometimes I think it’s the nature striking back. Like the great biblical flood, the submerged Atlantis, or the great flood of Indian mythology.

The soul of the rivers that dry due lack of rains or the soil dumped in them. The rivers polluted by our industries, the water life decaying due to the mankind’s greed I imagine all of them bowing to the great lord of the sea’s call him, Poseidon or Varuna, he then declares that mankind has to be restrained to save mother earth and rest of her progeny so he declares wars, he sends forth the great flood, he calls forth the hurricane and the moves the landmass to create the earthquake.

Within infinite myths lies the Eternal Truth

Who sees it all?

Varuna has but a thousand eyes

Indra, a hundred

And I, only two.

Am I on the track of realizing it no, it is a distant dream.

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