Missing an old habit.

When I was thirteen my father gave me an alarm clock, it has is with since then. It has been fixed for 5 am and I have been waking to the alarm. The knowledge that the alarm will not let me over sleep allowed me sound sleep. With the advent of the mobile, even the afternoon shut eye that I have I have it set for a particular time and that 15 -20 mnts I really have a deep sleep.

The morning alarm has gone for repairs; I realized I could not sleep well throughout the night because I was worried I might over sleep! This made aware of the fact that I was dependent on the beep. This was one habit that I became aware of, there might be many more.

I realized sometimes breaking a habit or addiction, is like missing a dear friend. For me this whole thing of not waking up in the morning writing my blog, is coming out pattern and that is like missing a dear familiar friend.

Breaking habit that is not required, in a way in counter intuitive, ideally we should gravitate towards that which is good for us. but we are such creatures of habit we gravitate towards people, places and patterns of behaviour that makes us feel comfortable.  Quite a few times the habits we form are not conscious but from learned behaviour either own or observing role models, these need necessarily be the healthiest of decisions.

Addictions begin as a way of avoiding feelings that are extremely uncomfortable, so overcoming an addiction means for a fair amount of time we are uncomfortable. This goes for old habits too, particularly the ones we have out grown. It means we have to be compassionate towards ourselves through the process of releasing it.  Particularly when we have the tendency to slip back into an old comfortable pattern.

Handling the challenge bit by bit is the only way of handling this addiction. The body and the mind takes a while, to be precise 21 days to adjust to a new way of doing things. But will adapt and slowly become our allies. If we remain true to our vision of a new way.

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