Figuring out– Airbnb

after staying at Papaya homestay in Ahmedabad I have kind of changed my opinion. Airbnb is a good idea

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I am playing the devil’s advocate and am on a fault finding spree kindly read this with a sack full of salt.

I guess bnb stands for bed and breakfast.

When this happy hour came by since I was absolutely depressed and wanted some entertainment I decided to look into it. Here’s what the site side, that Airbnb is a trusted community marketplace for to list, discover and book unique accommodation around the world—online or from a mobile phone.  Maybe writing this verbatim is plagiarism, but bear with me. Since I am off to Satara for a weekend, I decided to look for something there. What pops up is Lonavala,

The invites us to explore the site since I was curious I did so, but guess what once you click how it works button, it’s a dead end.

Now here I am looking for a place for the weekend…

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Travel and Kids!!

travelling with kids takes on a new meaning with the kids age.

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with my daughter at Husainsagar with my daughter at Husainsagar

Traveller Kid,

Before I even tackle the questions posted in the happy hour, what  would be a vacation. To me, a period of suspension of work, study or other activities. It is usually used for a rest, recreation, or travel and of course a holiday.

Law courts and legislature set a side time from normal activities this regular feature is also a holiday.

So is freedom or release from duty business or activity.

So what are we talking about, a vacation with kids does sound like an oxymoron. When people go on vacation, they shed their home skins and think they can be a new person, and they call this a holiday.

It is definitely bad for maternal image to say vacation with kids is an oxymoron, though between you and me, i am not one of those mothers who take motherhood seriously, I do…

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Today is   Narakachaturdashi, The organic nature of this festival doesn’t cease to amaze me. Growing we heard the story of Narakasura who  captured 1600 women, made them his slaves eventually Krishna the Yadava rescued them. The legend also as it that Narakasura could only be killed by his mother. As Deepavali approaches kids begin collecting trash like old clothes, and old news …

Discover the secret contributor to socio-economic growth

On World Post Day The Postal department --- Papa would enter the compound just before lunch and tell us,”I am the postman” All of us kids playing “house game” would giggle, but the Postman, with his heavy bag was always fascinating. I am talking of days before the email posts, or the courier boy,  I am talking …

Chai and Khana

It was one of those days.. I was sheathing at having to drink terrible coffee at an unnamed station – instead of the comforting Deja Brew of Coffea Robusta at Ram Bhavan (our sanskari Drone’s club). It was time to declare war. This required great planning, and everyone in the world and her husband knows …