About Me

Dr.jekyllHow do you solve a puzzle called Parwati..?

How do you hold the moonbeams on the sand…?

If I were to go by the Sufi message I received long ago, we become what we love everything else is just a movement… I love baigan does that make me one?

Still worse someone mentioned you are like the car you drive, well I do not drive a car, but I ride a second-hand scooter that has massive issues starting…. oh! Yes, I do dream of the Harley-Davidson…

I was told we are what we read… I read Barbara Cartland and Zane Grey…. now, what if I was to go by the gender stereotype then I would be gender confused!!

This was another pearl of wisdom I collected…. you are what you eat… honey I eat Samosas, more Samosas, and still more Samosas when I am not eating Gulab-Jamoon…. guess that makes sweet and spicy?

Just to sum up… one need these celebrities as bench marks, so let me line them up, I am nearing Shobha De’s age, TunTun’s figure, Rekha’s face a hardcore member of the Drone’s club. My spare time from my dental clinic, hypnotherapy sessions and trainings, I spend reading and sharing stories here.

Have dated Wren and Martin once upon a time, and I need Merriam-Webster to survive,

To be frank, when — I am good, I am very very good,When I am bad I am horrid.

My World consists of Dr.D. who happens to be my Knight in shining armour my daughters Tee and Jay, and random people coming in and out.

So you get the message…but honestly… I am on an accidental quest to discover myself, learning things along the way, sometimes unlearning hand me down lessons.I learn from the Mundane and unlearn gospel.

My true habitat is Drone’s club, state of mind is zombie, religion is Coffea Rubiaceae, though I do dabble with Theobroma on and off, my daily prayer, as baptized by Stewart Lee Allen, ”oh magic cup, carry me above the traffic jam, keep me civil in the subway and forgive people who irritate me as you forgive me. Amen”

Grab a coffee, pick up some pakodas, and welcome to the world of Dr.Jekyll and Madam Hyde.nimboo pani

Dr.Jekyll is the good upright dentist with Masters in Hypnotherapy and Medical writing healing people, training people. Madam Hyde, is a, storyteller and theatre artist whose besetting sin is CURIOSITY. Both challenged vertically, horizontally and stay un-stung by the spelling bee.

As my portrait is still being done, my friends Ms.Foncesa and Ms.Nimboopani have let me use their portrait as drawn by Mario Miranda.


11 Replies to “About Me”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience. Found the post “While Bringing Up Their Working Mother, Only My Daughters Have A Right To Judge Me!” useful. Shared with my Sister and a family friend. I am sure many mothers will be able to relate to the incidents and be compelled to reflect back and revisit their past. With Warm Regards.

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