The first step.

Arjun drove all night He had to reach Panchagani by morning he would check in to the hotel freshen up. Over breakfast he had just enough time to give final touches to his presentation. Not bad he thought the going was good. Driving through the nearly empty streets unknowingly the speed had accelerated to 120km/hr.  …

Weavin’ th’ threids.

reblogging it as a dedication to the international handloom day.

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ImageWriting fiction is the act of weaving a series of lies to arrive at a greater truth.

Jaya, the dress is totally faded,”

“That’s okay, Amma, but the jade green, with gold embroidery it is so beautiful” replied sushila’s daughter. Like this one here,

“I’ll get you another one from the fair,” promised Sushila,”This one is frayed,”

This was the same promise Tahira had made to Jasmine, her daughter when she took the dress, from her yearning hands to deliver it to Jemina Khan, the woman whom she worked for, it brought home 150/- Rs. For the day, that took care of the day’s expense. She had to run the house till Abdul returned from Kabul.

to care about weaving, to make weavings is to be in touch with a long human tradition. We have people woven, first baskets and then cloth for thousands of years, but for…

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