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This was a Blog that I wrote in 2011, December just before I embarked on my journey to self reclamation. Makes me feel like the city of Mumbai.. land reclamation by the British,.
When reread this I was appalled at the message that I sent to the universe, I had declared myself a venture that was non-profitable.
Of course people who invest their time in me profit in regaining their physical,, mental and spiritual health. People who read me, find whatever they are looking for, Dharma-Artha-Kama-Moksha and all this in return for the energy that comes in multiple hues after demonetization.. the aggregate nomenclature for this is I think currency.
So dear inner child, higher self, Universe and whoever else it may concern, I am the MOST PROFITABLE VENTURE I support.

Parwatisingari's Weblog

Non profitable organization that i support.

I me myself. This is the foremost nonprofit organization that I support. Without my support this organization would have disintegrated. All monetary contribution to me are welcome.

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Divine nourishment

Akshaya Trithiya celebrates abundance. This abundance is personified by DhanyaLakshmi. Food or what is refered to as “Anna” is one of them. The sacred texts say The hymn to Annapurneshwari talks about Anna being pratyeksha maheshwari. The visible divine.  For food is the primary need of every living creature in the plant and animal world. …


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