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  • The Goatherd

    The character–. Abu khan miyan, And his herd of mountain sheep. They live on the slopes of Kashmir, the paradise on earth. When they say Paradise is lost, it is so true, no longer is joy, or Sufism in the air. The fabric of monotheism be it Shaivaite or Islam, the valley has forgotten it…

  • UnSung Ballad.

    Originally posted on my theatre world: The breeze felt warm and shadows came alive, it was as if each shadow had a story to tell. Kathanika, had just finished reading the story of Nagamandala the much acclaimed play by Dr.Girish Karnad. The abstractness amused her .An untold story coming to life asking to be told.…

  • Literary Agent

    Originally posted on My Bookshelf: This is an interview mailed by Louis Vas, I am sharing this without his permission. I hope he will excuse me. Since there seem to be quite a few aspiring authors in Goa, below is anot so recent  interview with a literary agent in Mumbai, which may behelpful in their…

  • Johnny Appleseed

    The Quixotic envoirnmentalists.

  • Bainian

    the chinese new year