The World Migratory Birds Day

Their Future is our future

This is the theme of the world migratory bird day being commemorated on May 13th.

Avian migration is one of the most wonderful events of nature. Birds fly distances to find best ecological conditions and habitat for feeding, breeding and bringing up their young.

Migratory birds are birds that travel distances for various reasons, but primarily reason being food and nesting. birds move between the northern and southern hemisphere in search of food, and safe and comfortable nesting zones.

Migration could be short distance that is in the geographic range from high altitude to low  or it could be of medium order within a reasonable radius and  then there are long distance ones that are across continents. A bird like Red knot travels 16,000 km twice a year.

These birds fly year after year with very little deviation in the flyway corridor. The first year birds often make their first migration on their own, it is almost as if the flight chart is memorized by the DNA. How the birds do this is not really understood. However it is known that they orient themselves with the sun during the day, the stars guide the navigation at night and geomagnetism can be tapped on any time. Olfactory sense seem to play a great role when it comes to navigation in the case of the homing pigeon.

Many birds have a preferred pathway for their annual migration, these usually involves important stop overs that provide food supplies that are critical to the birds survival.

These flights are dangerous and ardours. It challenges the physical and mental capacity of the bird. There are predators that threaten the bird. In the recent years, the land reclamation and poaching is eating into the natural habitat disorienting the avian migrations. Many birds are attracted by bright lights while some are confused resulting in collisions with structures. The latest hazard being the tall communication towers.

Role of migratory birds in economy.

Migrant birds are biodiversity indicators of the state of our environment, as their migratory patterns match their feeding and breeding needs. With change in climate there is a change in the timing of the elements of their life cycle too.

Migrating birds act as eco-wardens, and health wardens as they feed on insects and rodents. Vultures which are almost non-visible these days are natural scavengers they can dispose large carcasses rapidly , thus playing a critical role in nutrient cycling. Vultures west Africa to southeast Asia are declining partially due to poisoning of their prey.

The migrant birds follow the food trail, this feeding pattern leads to flower pollination and seed dispersion.  This is part of natures ecological regulation.

Project UNEP Siberian crane wetlands were about sustaining Siberian cranes and millions of other migratory water birds. This restoration not only provided the migratory birds like Siberian Crane to rest and feed it also helped to provide millions people water. The wetlands act as carbon sinks and help in combating climate change. The wetlands are flood defences and help to sustain productive fisheries.

Guano in Quechan language means droppings of the sea birds, this is considered one of nature’s best fertizers.  The Incas considered it so valuable that access to was restricted any disturbance to the sea bird incurred death penalty. Guano allowed improved soil texture, clearing of toxins and speedy decomposition.

The bird dropping result from a complex process starting with the living plants eaten by insects, which in turn are consumed by the fishes that are eaten by the sea birds and digested by the sea bird.

Falconry is another economic activity that uses avian migration, the roots of which lies in Asia dating back to 2000BC. Falconry has been recongnized by UNESCO as global cultural heritage since 2010, it is an art of hunting with trained birds of prey. The decrease in the demand has brought about 60% drop in the species over the last 20yrs. Falconers however are working at conserving of raptors and their prey through preservation of natural habitats and captive breeding. Recently the falconers have reintroduced a species that had totally vanished.

Bird hunting is a major socio-economic activity around the globe, and billions of birds are hunted each year. This along with land poaching has resulted in a decline of migratory bird population. The flyway of these global avian, run across nations and their decline effect globally.

At the end of the day it is for us, to sit up and ensure that these health wardens, natural pollinators, biodiversity indicators , natural scavengers and soil doctors are safe. for their future is also our future, we need to re-commit to sustainable development.

UN migratory movie





Hindi Head Out

Do you feel? Is ignoring by Indian while country’s language is the root of the nation helping to represent their culture and tradition—blogger Dhruv Singh who blogs at

Excuse me… who the F***k says that hindi represents India? It does not.

How does Hindi represent the Tulu culture can you tell me.. please? Why am I being forced to learn the language?

I go to the Canara Bank at Santa Cruz Goa… which is a small village, the village consists of Konkani, Portuguese and Kannada population. The bank staff have replaced and majority of the staff are from the Hindi-belt there are two staff members who have been here for at least two years, they have got the rest of the staff to speak hindi… the customers struggle and communicate in hindi, this person sprawls on his chair and is conversing to the Canara bank person in Mathura — to the day they do not speak a word of Konkani — would the when people cross the vindhyas not only are they asked to speak hindi but to speak whatever the dialect.

I walk into corporation bank at Manipal again it is a Konkani, Tulu and Kannada terrain, the manager Mr.Patni has been there for two years, there are only two out of the dozen staff who are cowbelters yet the entire bank speaks broken Hindi to accommodate them, while these uncouth slobs cannot learn a word of Kannada, Tulu or Konkani. This to me is arrogance. I now understand why people want to shift to post office account or a bank like HDFC where at least English is spoken, so we do not have to put up with rude Hindi person.

Would the canara or corporation bank dare put an employee who cannot speak Hindi to the Hindi belt?

Telecallers, not only call you at odd hours, but they rattle of in Hindi without having the damn courtesy of finding out if we know the language. When you ask them to slow down or repeat, or ask them to speak a language you can understand they use obscenity, this is the great Hindi culture that you are talking about. The call centre person at for Ola Cabs in Bangalore, which by the way is the capital of the Kannada country, says she cannot understand Kannada, so this caller who wanted an car should speak to her in Hindi because this great woman has come from the north. Oh! Yes, the call centre connect to the ambulance had the same problem.

I remember the early congress slogans would be in Tulu, today everything is in Hindi, when Hindi enters the arena it is like a weed liking the local language, with the local language dies the history and the ethnic identity, instead of celebrating Onam, we are wished happy vamana jayanthi, instead of woman letting their hair loose with jasmine strings, we have women covering their head. Over than a hue and cry is made of Hijaab.

Look at any Hindi movie the south Indian woman is shown as loud, crass the worst one is the one by Rohit Shetty not only does he portray the south as uncouth, with ugly men and loud garish women is absolutely maddening.

Talk to taxi drivers of Goa, they do not want a customer from UP-Delhi because they never pay the fare they always underpay.

With the advent of Konkani Railway the Wednesday train that arrives from Bihar-UP brings in the migrant male worker who is so steeped in his Hindi culture, they have infiltrated into every class 4 employment, they join in on temporary basis, again their inability to speak anything else has holds the coastal community to ransom we are forced to learn Hindi, with the Hindi-man comes his mentality independent woman to him is someone, who he can make lewd comments on, he thinks they are prowling for attention from men, it is sickening.

With star and zee networks entering regional channels, we are forced to watch the vernacular translations of Hindi serials, these translations are bad, the values and ethos do not belong to the vernacular culture, and issues are not relevant. Which is why many of us subscribe to online channels on YouTube, whenever I give a public talk on media awareness, I bring it to people’s notice and tell them where the alternates are available.

At the end of the day Mr. Singh Hindi is as alien to me as English, I choose English over Hindi as it is a language that my grandparents taught me, they did not teach me Hindi, I learnt Tulu, Konkani, Tamil Kannada and English by the way I do speak Hindi, I have read enough of Hindi authors right from Tulsidas to Bacchan, Nirala, and MaithaliSharan Gupta, but if you demand I speak Hindi I do not. And once again HINDI IS NOT THE CULTURE OF THE COUNTRY, IT IS NOT THE LANGUAGE OF THE COUNTRY, it is Language spoken by a minority population of Majority non Hindi speaking population, Hindi can go Up…the…okay I shall curb the spontaneous word comes and up the pole.


I am angry so I refuse to apologize for either my thoughts or my language,

Unsuccessful Pondering.

Bette Midler says the worst part of success is trying to find someone who is happy for you.

When we come to success we firmly believe those things, it is lonely at the top, and success is climbing higher, the entire imagery is about steps, climbing the ladder still worse a pinnacle. Competitions and elimination only reinforce the belief.

There was a time in life when I had this vision of holding my breath, sacrificing rest and trudging uphill until I reached where I do not know…  there was the imagery of race, and horse wearing blinkers, so that he reaches the goal post, but hello how do I recognize the goal post.

I remember being told, that I should appear the exam, and see what marks I get, then I would have to make efforts in increasing it by 10% it sounded like some kind of a arithmetic progression. Somewhere along the line, I wonder if that is the issue, I mean the fear climbing high, a fear that one might suffer from vertigo. And if you think vertigo is fear of falling, well, it is a little different, it is the voice of emptiness below us, which tempts and lures us, it is thdesire to fall against which terrified we defend ourselves… that persistent wisdom that is knocked into us, the higher go you climb the greater is your fall.

Maybe it is quite contridictatory on one hand you are told to focus and succeed, and then you are cautioned, the higher you climb the greater is your fall…it is lonely there and god knows what.

The seven habits of successful people, steps to success etc, etc. we seem to aiming at success, converting it into a target without really reckoning what it is, the more target like it becomes probably higher are our chances of missing it.

This week when I joined the hunt for happiness group it came bang on, success was a lot like happiness, one could not pursue it… it had to happen. Though unlike happiness which has to recognized, success could be the unintended side effect of personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself. Like happiness success must happen, we have to let it happen without really manipulating for it. maybe listening to our conscience doing what it commands with the best of your knowledge with all sincerity, then we might achieve what is by and large called as success.

My daughter  told me something very beautiful, success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get. Like Winston Churchill, put it success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts…

Over the years of practising dentistry and hypnotherapy, I realize that the greatest issue is not success, popularity or power, but what most of are dealing with is self-rejection.  With success, popularity and power we look for the external clutches to satiate, or present great temptation, again their seductive quality is from the shield the self-rejection. When we have come to believe those voices that call us worthless, and unlovable with tangible proofs, then success (obviously financial implication) popularity and power become attractive solutions. As soon as someone differs from us, or criticizes us, we feel rejected, or abandoned, and we actually pat ourselves on the back, thinking, “I told you and this only goes to prove that I am a nobody, and I am really worthless.”

I like to think of it is the dark side, the side that negates our sacred self, for it tells us, that we deserve to be pushed aside, forgotten rejected and abandoned, it stops us from experiencing our potential.



Arguments on Argument

Arguments the dictionary defines as,

  • A reason given as proof or rebuttal.
  • It could be a disclosure intended to persuade.
  • It could be a coherent series of statements leading from a premise to a conclusion.

It was quite an eye-opener for me here I was using a word without real clarity of what it meant.

But when I do ponder over it, it occurs arguments are ways to understand reason, probably if we can well formulate the argument for something, we could probably have the reason for our belief and acts. To reframe it, understanding an argument is about better reasoning to endorse our beliefs.

Understanding an argument also allows us to pre-empt mistakes.

Yet we use arguments in only one of its manifestation that is lead from a premise to a conclusion.

Particularly if these arguments are triggered by anger then it might be a good idea to step back from anger. I have argued before that anger is not an enemy but a tough task master, I still stand by it.

Having said that lets trace this journey from a premise to a conclusion. There could be an emotional trigger somewhere, and the trigger could have little to do with the present situation, all the same it could dig up an old wound.

Somewhere the emotion begins take on a life of its own, and we lose control the argument then becomes irrelevant or even inappropriate.  The feeling of losing control is totally overwhelming. The best possible thing we could do in the situation is to step back and take a deep breath, which sounds and easy and do-able but experience has taught me, that it is mission impossible…(I have a secret cache of broken crockery which I further break.)

When emotion begins to control me, I do not know how to step back, so I depend on EFT or mudra to help me. It helps me step back and look honestly into what caused such an overwhelming feeling in me, and what are the best choices that I have to deal with root cause.

I sometimes call up my mentor from Landmark who is an independent life coach today Mr.Venugopal.D. To help me sort the issue, of course he brings me back to the breathing, but still there are relevant questions that he walks me through.

I have noticed within myself that I tend to get overwhelmed, or react irrationally when my body dehydrates, that is I am drinking less water, sometimes all I need to do is to take a walk in the park, or read a Barbara cart land, that is essentially not take myself or life too seriously.

There was a phase in my life when I realized, “OH1 the poor me “drama was so addicting, that I would re-tell every story to ensure that I stayed the poor victim. I actually began to wonder if there was an hormone addiction to the metabolism, or hormonal patterns created by the body when we are angry… once such questions began to emerge I figured the need to sit back and look at the actual cause, and resolving that required patience, and understanding.

I had to argue before myself…that is reason before me that being clear about my feelings, and intentions and communicating them made an healthier option, also we tend to take out frustrations out on people who are closest to us, which is not only abusing them but also detrimental to the relationship.

By the way when I do lose it, which unfortunately is more often than not, I sit back and write out… until I come down to the point… where either there is a pay off or a core issue. Then I do a forgiveness ritual for myself.

Etiquette school drop outs

Carasid, is a lovely eatery at campal, they- have delicious cakes, now with Paratas and breakfast counter they have really grown.

What used to draw most of us to Carasid, was the feeling of sitting in the garden and sipping Tea.  The owners Sunil and Chris are great fun. Both are Marathon runners, yet they would indulge the arty- crafty crowd not to mention the Blogging world. If you had an idea that you were not sure of, Sunil is the go to person for a bounce off. His entire experience tempered with Landmark Forum Education is  a great guy. Then there is Sid, who is affectionate the entire experience was good.

It has been a great place, to eat somehow with food and coffee/Tea ideas and conversation seem to flow, discussions energized and how do I put it? it was like personal hospitality with Sunil-Chris-Sid around. Their staff is also extremely friendly and polite without intruding.

For the past month I have been observing, that when we have to have a meeting the group goes, “not Carasid”. We are now perplexed as to where do we sit for the one hour or one and hours we required for our work…. it isn’t that we have got bored the place it is that the place as morphed.

It is almost as if we are entering some office with stale coffee and lingering tobacco smell. The inviting kitchen fragrance no more wafts. The welcoming smile of Sunil – Chris – Sid and fellow foodies,is now replaced by obnoxious foul mouthed crew, of some event management company. I do not know the name nor do I want to know.

It is bad enough that they have hijacked most of the chairs, the two fans, and available plug points are totally hogged by this group, the most disgusting of them all was this guy who decided to plonk on my parked scooter, munched something and wiped his hand on my scooter seat, not to mention dropping ash I was petrified that my scooter would go up in flames.

Since it was just three of us meeting, and Carasid happened to be convenient we decided to me up  and guess what we had to hunt for chairs,Oh! Yes, after this jing-a-bing has hijacked al the tables, we are left with  2 and ½ unoccupied ones, half because there are laptop bags strewn over the place.  When we eventually found the chairs our conversation was rudely interrupted by  this demure salwar kameez clad girl talking about which male stripper to book for a bachlorette party, it was as if someone was pimping!!

Admist this great hostile territory the “on the move customers” add terror by driving right into the eating place, where the orphaned 2 and 1/2 chairs are located it is as if someone is trying to mow you down.

Sunil, Chris and Sid, when we have that wonderful warm place that Brand Carasid stood for back?

car invading the dining space at Carasid

For those of you who are working your start ups out of cafe’s and as  just a passing thought

Heal my heart

Heart is the heart of your physiological body, since it is the organ that pumps blood to rest of the body, it transports oxygen and nutrition to the tissue, it also carries back carbon dioxide laden blood and cellular metabolic waste to be cleaned, it helps to regulate hormones, it also helps in maintaining body temperature.

Metaphysically speaking too, cardiovascular system, of which the heart is the prima donna is about nourishing,   it is also about feeling and expressing joy. Any upheaval in this expression and experience would result in cardiovascular disease.

Some direct messages given by the physical symptoms, according to various healers are

Vascular problems, relates to circulation, so both giving and receiving is challenged. There is also hopelessness, a sense of futility, confusion cannot fulfil purpose.

Stroke  occurs when this receiving and giving is very blocked.

Angina is  a message of something missed or lost

Heart attack or myocardial infarction is about not living for yourself, or your purpose not being your focus.

Varicose veins is about unwillingness to receive.

Aneurism, is a result of male and female energies splitting, block between male and female side of parents, self and children. There could be anger issues with mother or father.

Internal bleeding is about hiding internal sorrow.

Hypertension or increased blood pressure is about anger, stress, feelings not being expressed, circulation resulting build up of inner pressure.

Hypotension or low blood pressure occurs due to resistance in entering into life fully and fearlessly, there is an inner weakness and a desire to pull back.

Dealing with it is quite easy. Of course the metaphysical healing and journey is your choice, but on the physical plane, simple things like staying active.

20 minutes of brisk walk in the

Eating food that is suitable to our age, lifestyle and climate.

And balancing our life.

One lady I know has a completely overhauled lifestyle post threatened heart attack, she wakes up in the morning and does suryanamaskaar, followed by sweeping and moping the house, her breakfast is wholesome with fruits and rotis, lunch is light dinner is lighter. She drinks warm water through out the day.

Her dinner time is eight and by eight thirty all electronic devices are off, only the landline works. Nobody contacts her unless it is an emergency.

Bakery products are totally off her list. She does eat friend snacks on and off, not only has she knocked off weight she has got her cardiovascular health back.

Practising the apana mudra for about 20mnts two times a day is another great alternate healing method.

Apana Mudra

I am joining the Saffolalife #ChhoteKadam initiative in association withBlogAdda and follow these small steps for a healthy heart.”

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Mahabali cannot be Dwarfed.

baliAs we were driving down from Panaji, to Margao I saw this banner that said, 37%  Goan have votes AAP, 27%BJP, and some X% congress, the conclusion was AAP leads, what occurred to me, is it could also be interpreted as 63% Goans are clear that they do not want AAP.

Ultimately every story is about whose story are you telling?

chalayasi vikramane keshava balim adbhuta vamana padanakha nira-janita-janapavana kesava dhrita vamana rupa jaya jagadisa hare.

When we were kids we were told the story of the benevolent Balindra or the Mahabali, who was an epitome of virtue that Lakshmi was chained to his dungeons. the story as narrated by Kittadoddamma, always told us how the Deva’s were jealous of Bali and Indra decided requested Vishnu to annihilate Bali he was then pushed down to the PatalaLoka, and each Onam he comes to oversee the harvest Bali or Mahaveli’s arrival I never could figure the solar calendar out, the only thing I know is it Sone thingalu… some day and she said and the festival after it was ananthan chaturdashi.

She would tell us about Bali Maharaja, his greatness and his kindness and how his persona is honoured by the word Bali meaning sacrifice, she talked of the sacrifice of the seed that shed its skin, the soil that gave the nutrients, the clouds that showered the rains, the earthworms and the snakes that kept the soil enriched and how all this combined bounty gave a rich harvest. When this mission was complete Bali returned to the Patala on the day of Balipadya after being sure that his subjects were secure.

The understanding of the sacrifice or the effort that went into bringing that abundance, she would tell was the secret which kept Bali alive  among his subjects, she would conclude Kings would come, Kings would go but Bali still ruled.., Vamana stayed dwarfed and forgotten.

When I got married my value system was questioned because the story here was Bali was arrogant he chained Lakshmi so the Deva’s were justified in sending Vamana, it putting an asura in place.It was the ballad of Vamana and not Bali.

As I learnt more of these and began the quest of understanding the untold story of the other, after all eulogies and history is always about the winner. Here is what came to me…Bali the King of an prosperous Agrarian society.

Here comes Purandara the destroyer of cities, choose to call him divine incarnate if you wish, but definitely King somewhere who coveted the prosperity, the riches of the land, in comes the conqueror, and relegates the indigenous culture down. He is potbellied at that, and he unchains Lakshmi the goddess of Prosperity that would mean either he grabbed the riches or he destroyed the assets.

The conquerors Ballads talk of Bali being an Asura could be for Asura of the Rig Veda is the Ahura of the Zenda-Vesta the Zoroastrian holy text and Kerala always sea connect with the middle east.

Like our Balipadya being traded for the bhaubheej or our Onam is being traded for Vaman Jayanthi, the conqueror is marketed our oral stories and histories relegated as the large wave of Hindaptations (adaption to Hindi culture) even Thiruadhira or the big wave will not be able to save us.

Mr.Amit Shah, this is the translation of what my grandmother used to chant about Mahabali, can you bring it back?  Till then let your Vamana stay the way he is  — dwarfed!!

When Maveli ruled the land,onam
All the people were equal-
Times when people were joyful and merry;
They were all free from harm.
There was neither anxiety nor sickness,
Deaths of children were unheard of,
No wicked person was in sight anywhere
All the people on the land were good.
There was neither theft nor deceit,
And no false words or promises.
Measures and weights were right;
There were no lies,
No one cheated or wronged his neighbour.
When Maveli ruled the land,
All the people formed one casteless race

I do not know which of the stories are true but the story of Bali narrated by my grandmother is definitely more empowering than the story of Vamana.