“A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author.”
― G.K. Chesterton, Heretics

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ISBN 978-93-5029-340-9toke

Author:   Jugal Mody

Publishers a joint  venture of India Today, and Harper CollinsPublishersIndia.

the book is about Lord Vishnu showing up one morning, when the protagonist ..Nikhil—also known as double battery is stoned. He asks him to rescue the world from being invaded by maggot zombies. On this hero’s journey( sorry Joseph Campbell must be turning in his grave.) he gets to romance his dream girl colleague and even kiss her! Then there are two side kicks, a mentor crow all who are stoned. Two Japanese girls who speak the Delhi, impression of Japanese accented English.

For the first time I actually was reluctant to pick a book after going through the first chapter.

initially it came across as a gay romance.  Of course the entire book I realize is documentation of images viewed in pot induced hallucinations.  Shiva and…

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Heal Your Self – Book review

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Love yourself, Heal your life work book.

Author:                  Louise.L.Hay.

Publisher:               Hay house

The book is exactly what it says, a workbox, it is a step by step activity of the book Love yourself heal your life.

It did take two exercises for me to get the hang of it. But after attending the Love yourself,Heal your life workshop conducted by Asma D’souza, the book became absolutely workable.

Of course how exactly one uses this book is up to the user.

About the author.  Louise.L.Hay the author of international bestselleryou can heal your life is a metaphysical lecturer and teacher with more than 50 million books sold worldwide.

addendum: Asma D’souza is contactable at her website

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A vanquished tribe

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Author:    Anand NeelakantanImage

Publisher:   platinum Press.

ISBN: 978-93-817577-05-2

First time author Anand Neelakantan, treads the murky waters of telling the tale of the Ravana, here neither Rama nor Ravana are heroes, Ravana is the protagonist.

The book is a fiction based on the stock characters from Ramayana. The tale is narrated through the Ravana and Bhadra an asura who is positioned as the darker side of Ravana. Ravana is a wannabe idealistic hero, but in Anand’s tale he is neither the personification of evil as pictured by Tulsidas nor he is the well-educated non-Aryan leader of the Jain and Buddhist tales, neither is the heroic uddata nayaka of southern folklore, Ravana here appears as a whining, looser.

The story is well presented, and the book is quite difficult to put down. The last three chapters do drag a bit.

Over all a good book.



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bollywood, and book

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ImageThe greatest show on Earth,

Publishers:                 Penguin

ISBN                         9780143416128

Edited by                   Jerry Pinto

The charmed world of Indian Cinema. With an introduction by the charming Jerry Pinto,

The book takes us through the world of Stars and the Star makers, movies and movie makers, the music and musicians, the film reporters, and the back office that creates the Movie tigers. Those who gather the spicy tit-bits of the stars and their sideshows. The book is interesting, informative and has some really spicy insights.

The relationship between Lata Mangeshkar and Raj Kapoor the movie maker and his muse who was immortalized in Satyam Shivam Sundaram.

The two sides of the movie Guide the writer and the movie maker.

Oh! Bunny Rueben I always thought was a woman, he turns out to be a man.

The mystery of Hema-Sanjeev-Jeetu and Dharam.

The book is chronicle of saga of the industry.

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Invoking The scribes a book review

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ImageInvoking the scribes. Of Ancient Egypt.

Authors:  Normadi Ellis and Gloria Taylor Brown.

Publishers: Bear and company

A very interesting book on spiritual journaling.  It is a cruise of a group of spiritual writers who follow the path of the original keepers of the sacred stories.

Each of us have a story, some heroic efforts, some losses, these are the sacred stories that have to be told, and this was done by the scribes of Egypt. They were the technicians of documenting the sacred masters of hieroglyphics thinking, in proper sequence, intonation and proper intent. There were able to create through words and thoughts the pilgrims of the word travel have attempt to practise this form of journaling.

Their insights, their breakthroughs, their transformation and learning all documented as the authors take us through their internal self journey while anchoring it on external landmarks of Egypt.


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