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  • International Day of charity-2021

    International Day of charity-2021

    An Ideal world is where no charity is required.

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    Cittasya suddhaya karma na tu vastupaladbhaye Vastu siddi vicharena kincitkaramakotibhih. ~ VC-16 Selfless work and charity helps to purify the mind, but do not by themselves contribute to the perception of reality. This perception of  reality is only brought about by discriminative analysis. And never by count of action. Vedanta or the guide to understanding…

  • International charity day

    In 2012 the United Nations general assembly chose, 5th of September to observe the international day of charity, to commemorate the passing away of mother Theresa.  The prime purpose of this day is to raise awareness and provide a common platform for charity related activities all over the world for individuals, charitable, philanthropic and volunteer…

  • Choosing Not To Look Away

    Choosing not to look away, Last Sunday Janet Attwood was at Goa, she gave us the passion test, and my partner was a young boy in standard eight. One of his passions was to Help The Homeless. I was quite amused. Yet here is what he had to share. “They are not there because they…