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  • World Radio Day — Center stage #13

    World Radio Day — Center stage #13

    2. Just tune in to the radio and you will never be alone for it has the power to fill the voids. Warm wishes on World Radio Day to all.

  • center stage #7

    center stage #7

    we areno longer constrained by a media which was controlled by a few editors.

  • International Tea Day

    International Tea Day

    December 15th was the International Tea day.   While coffee is my religion, tea is my comforter.   Having read about the great British tea institution. (The 4pm tea and cucumber sandwich.) Last international tea day, I had one look at the tepid, insipid English tea and grabbed my cutting chai to atone for it.…

  • Mine Ban Treaty

    Mine Ban Treaty

    April 4th is the UN’s international day for mine awareness and assistance in mine action. This day is about raising awareness about landmines and progress towards its eradication. Landmines are explosive mines laid either on the land or just below the surface.  This explodes by the presence, proximity or contact of a person causing incapacitation,…

  • Matrimama #BlogToPM

    Shrunu Matrimama hey Pradhana Sevak Ballirenayyaa janapadake yaarendu…(would you know who is the leader of the republic) “jansamanyanendu keliruve”… I am told it is the common man, Iruvantha sthana —where does he dwell Bhoolokada, swatantra ganarajya Bharatavendu keliruve — I hear that in the democratic republic of India, “avaralli obba naanu” —i am one of them,…

  • Veiled words

    Veiled words

    Its the world Hijaab day. How and why and what about it is here in a blog I wrote last year. But over the year here are two interesting point of views that i came across. “What is it about Islam, I thought, that can make a woman so strong that she no longer strives…