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  • The saucepan Headed Missionary

    The saucepan Headed Missionary

    Do not worry at being worried; but accept worry peacefully. Difficult but not impossible. Johnny Appleseed.

  • The Goatherd

    The character–.http://www.amazon.in/Jacob-Hills-Ismita-Tandon-Dhanker/dp/9350296497 Abu khan miyan, And his herd of mountain sheep. They live on the slopes of Kashmir, the paradise on earth. When they say Paradise is lost, it is so true, no longer is joy, or Sufism in the air. The fabric of monotheism be it Shaivaite or Islam, the valley has forgotten it…

  • Parijata

    Adansona digitata is the botanical name of this flower. Parijata is what my grandmother called it. Prajukta, shefali, shagufta call it any name. Beautiful white with a coral orange stalk. I am seeing this after nearly twenty two years. When I set my eyes on this I am back to my child hood. Though then…