funday- cherry cobbler day

ImageLast year I shared the merry-go-round,

well today uncle Sam’s land also celebrates the national cherry cobbler day.

To be honest I wondered what this cobbler was all about definitely not the shoe mender that was being referred to, and I figured that cobbler referred to a variety of dishes in USA and UK that consisted of fruit or savoury filling encased in batter, biscuit or pie crust. Some of them even resembled pies.

There are many theories to suggest how this name came about, some culinary historians believe that it evolved from the word cobeler which was a specific type of wooden bowl used in cooking. Others were of the opinion that the desserts resemblance to a cobble stone created the name. There is also a drink called cobbler that could probably predate the fruit cobbler pie. This drink usually consisted of whiskey or rum with fruit juice and or sugar garnished with mind and/or citrus. This could be made with any fruit, single or in combination.

For the desi videsi’s of uncle Sam’s land here is your Sam-Bharati dish


Madam curie

Nov.7th 1867 saw the birth of one of the greatest woman of substance Madam Curie. She studied Physics and Mathematics and went on to earn a doctorate in science. She was the first woman to become the professor of General Physics in the faculty of Science.
Radioactive was a term coined by her to describe the quality of elements more precisely atoms.
Pierre Curie, madam’s husband discovered that Radium burnt skin on contact. The couple then discovered the effect Radium had on humans. Madam Curie isolated isotopes of Radium subsequently used for the treatment of cancer.
1903 the Curies received the Nobel Prize in Physics for their study of Radium.
1911 Madam Curie won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for her study of radioactivity.
July 4th 1937 Madam Curie succumbed to Leukaemia a price she paid for being over-exposed to radioactivity. She has the honour of being the only woman to be interred at the Dome of Pantheon at Paris on her own merit, along with the likes of Victor Hugo.

Happy birthday scotland yard

Lestrade in Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes,
Inspector Japp in Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot series.
Both belong to that great Mecca of whodunits, the Scotland Yard, which is a metonym for the metropolitan police of London, and synonym with the CID of London metropolitan police.
The department was so called as it was located at the Scotland Yard.
Scotland Yard brings in a gush of romance, adventure, intrigue and the works. Every policeperson or forensic person would want to associate with it.
It was created in 1829 by Sir Robert Peel, on this day in history.

Johnny Appleseed

The Quixotic envoirnmentalists.

September 26th 1774 is the birth of American environmentalists.
If our generation in India grew up with Amarchitra Katha the western folklore, legends and mythology came alive with Classic comics.
One of my favourite was the story of Johnny Appleseed. So profound was his influence that I wore Appleseed necklaces for awhile.
Born John Chapman in Massachusetts he is pictured wearing a saucepan for a hat and ragged clothes. When a missionary was delivering a sermon he demanded “where would you find a true Christian today who wore ragged clothes and walked bare feet” Johnny Appleseed popped up and said here I am.
Johnny Appleseed introduced apple orchards in the states of Ohio, Indiana and Illinois’. He would fence the apple trees he planted to protect it from livestock.
Occasionally Johnny preached the Christian teachings of Emanuel Swedenborg.
He passed away on March 18th 1845 and is buried at Fort Wayne.
The web site named after him is a junior ecology club.

dear diary

September 22nd.2011
Dear Diary,
Today is the day that world honours you. You are the conscience keeper of most of us. We document out happiness, sorrow, our growing ache and our secret fears. Many of us have recorded within you our observation of nature and our growth into our careers.
Dear Diary, incidentally today is also the elephant appreciation day. No, I do not ask to me appreciated despite of despite akined to the pachyderms. I am talking of the large gentle mammal found in Asia and Africa belonging to the family Elephantidea. This animal is a vegetarian and loves water. In Asian culture the wisdom, memory and intelligence. The srilankan elephants according the archaeological evidences showed 5 tusks and today they have mutated to single tusks. The Sanskrit text book Matanga Lila talks of the elephant, its myth, the biology, habit and health of the elephant. The book also deals with the medicinal implications of the elephant.
Did you know despite cute Ely the elephant and the elephant walk the Kedah hunting of the White Rajah’s lead to the depletion of elephant population.
I am sure someone in the year 1862 must have written within you the emancipation of the slaves. this was the day in history that the Proclamation of Emancipation was made. It was this day in 1862 that Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the emancipation though it came to being on January 1st.1863 and slavery was totally abolished in December 1865 by the thirteenth amendment.
Dear diary today is also the day that the Band-aid was discovered. In 1920 by a Johnson and Johnson staff called Earle Dickson for his wife Josephine who cut and burnt herself often during cooking. Initially they were handmade and not popular. But by 1924 they were sterilized and packed well enough to be shipped during the 2nd world war. Today cotton embedded in nylon fibbers with thin film of plastic holed for ventilation is used. This coated with an adhesive called epoxy.
Good night
Thank for such wonderful memories.

International talk like a pirate day

Ahoy matey and proud beauty come across a galley the day is international talk like a pirate day. Swill a pint or two of grog and stuff the salmagundi in the name of John Baur and Mark summen, who gifed the 19th day of September in 1995.
Be that a no matey? Ye get to ye binnacle barnacle-covered scurvy dog and me thinks some grub should do me grog-filled today is the slimy worm day too.
Shiver me timbers, ye shall eat th’woms, big ones, small ones and wriggle giggly ones.
PS: if you cannot talk pirate take a translator at cap’n redpen’s pirate translator.

Uncle Sam

I always found the reference to United States as Uncle sam very handy. Particularly when I have to make my digs at the Bay area Behanji’s or New pastures of the SK-Dabha (the slang my father and his friends had for south Canara Brahmins hostel at Chennai).
This day in 1813 this became an accepted nickname for US. It is believed a meat deliverer called Samuel Wilson shipped meat to the US Army. These boxes were labelled US the soldiers use to refer it as meat from Uncle Sam. This stayed.