a little clarity

Viraaj came to me as he was feeling dissatisfied and he did not have the energy to complete what he was doing, and he did not enjoy his subject etc. etc. I took him through a trance and what came up was he was confident with his work.

As we went deeper he had a sense of being pushed into this situation, it turned out he was feeling angry and frustrated,  on clearing various unwanted energy cache and belief system,  he had this very clear vision of what he wanted to achieve in this life, he also realized that while he wanted some comfort in life, there was some stress he was not willing to take, this allowed him to create a vision board and plan of action for himself

This sorted him out and over the past year and a half he has moved along the territory where he wanted to go.

The technique I used here along with hypnotherapy is a technique called the ego state identification..

Through my dental practice I have had patients whose parents cribbed about their kids not doing well, not being consistent in their efforts or in results. I used to empathize. Often I wondered what was the issue.

The issue usual that explains all is the lack of confidence.

Most workshops and self help books are about confidence what I feel sometimes we fail to figure is that what is required is not confidence but clarity.

Once I started practising hypnotherapy full time, I figured that self acceptance to an achievement varied from person to person.

There was a kid, who wanted to do medicine, and I asked him why he said he wanted the kind of adulation his uncle had, people looked up to doctors, doctors saved lives, the devil in me thought” does that mean that you would like to play god.” I didn’t ask that though.

What he was telling me was he wanted recognition, and to him it came as thank you cards from patients, the current medical school scenario is such that the adulation that he looks for may not come by, for another person success meant having his own TV show.

At the end of the day I realized what was required was clarity, once there is clarity we can navigate through crowds without bumping or prodding into anyone, but when there is no clarity it becomes another story.

Interestingly that moment of clarity just pops up out of nowhere, many a times take my patient into the trance and ask them to have a conversation with their higher self, then comes an amazing clarity of what is the purpose of this life, and it comes with even more clarity how can they put their existing skills to achieve that purpose.

What happens when we are able to shed the social, parental and conditioned wrappings, is we get to see our purpose very clearly, this allows us to set the intent of where we would like to go. It also gives us the clarity, courage and determination to follow our dreams, we often find toxic people who lack clarity in their lives discouraging us, suddenly as we begin to live in integrity with our truth, peace becomes inevitable and success becomes a given.



Women Journalists of Kashmir.

hijabiWomen Journalists of Kashmir.

Sameer Yasir is a favourite writer of mine, and I like the way he thinks, this time round he shared the emerging women journalists of Kashmir. Here were some things that struck a chord.

Emerging young women of Kashmir, something has changed in the valley, women are opting to be journalist in a turbulent valley. They are talking about, moving beyond talking causalities to look back on devastation, that seem to be call of the Kashmiri women journalists. Though conventionally women are allotted women centric roles, it is an interesting observation that the women have to keep fighting since a dead person is son, brother , husband to someone, and their war is on.

The challenges are unannounced curfews, encounters and killings, Shahana Butt, a reporter since the age of 21 says that Kashmiri women were never bound to gender specific roles.

We take separate washrooms for granted. Yet Greater Kashmir didn’t take women staff because they did not have that facility.

I am ashamed that I do not know but I have to ask, who are half widows?


The author can be reached on Twitter @Adnan__Bhat


A Journey to Epiphany.

museThis trip seems to be doomed one of those things when life decides to make things uncomfortable for you. My journey from Goa to Bombay was pits, enough from to invoke the Egyptian god of creation and say,”Ptah” next day I was so exhausted that all that I did was to sleep, that in turn ensured that I had a splitting headache.

Despite that I reach JVLF on time, and guess what the bus is about 2hrs late, of course it the fault of the Delhi-wallah/Bangalore-wallah/ the aviation ministry and everyoneotherthanme and his wife that we had to stand under over bridge to regress to our college days! (I really wish we had an icon for snort)

We reach destination four hours later than expected, with stressed bladders and god knows what else. As we got ready at the dorm, people really took the trouble to be aesthetic, and here I was I had forgotten to pack a comb.

And now this morning I rush from Vile-Parle to Kurla to catch the 5.30 AM train my ticket says C8U90 and guess what…tralalaa…there is no C8 there are only 7 coaches, after fretting and fuming , and EFT and nineteen tables, I meet the ticket checker who tells me well madam for now sit in C4 lets see what happens, I scroll the mobile and here comes the epiphany, the railway chart was made last evening, a message was sent to me then my booking had translated to C6-..

As I wrote my morning pages I realize that there was a pattern and the pattern came into the environment from my own state of being. The delay, the breakdown was happening in my space.

After all Nirmal had sent us the mail quite a while back, I am too embarrassed even to check how long ago. Her follow up mail was very clear day 1 formals, and day 2 comfortable, mind you she did not say comfortable meant sloppy.

My delay- began there a delay in reading the mail, in acknowledging it and ensuring that it went comfortably. That meant I did not acknowledge and welcome the event into my space. Yet the universe was very kind. My brother Ramchandra PN (http://www.sonkfilms.com/) . Backing me up ensuring that I reached my destination without an issue, and I had to ask here was something that google-mata will grant, I had  fall back on Alexander Graham Bell’s invention.

The two and half hours on under the over bridge gave us such a bonding time; I had this reservation and resentment that I was an outsider to the Bombay group, but they actually treated me like a debutante.

chikkammanora gardi (4)Had I welcomed the event into my space with the honor it deserved, my handling of it would have been different, I would have been meticulous about the bookings, and I would have worked the logistics. The scenario then would be different. Of course then the learning would have been different too.

But for now the lesson was loud and clear… when the opportunity presents its self, take a moment decide whether you are going to accept it or not, if it is a yes, then all roads lead there. Then by lanes don’t emerge to create bygones.

As for the camp proper  will share it in a while.

Next is ask for help, and there is a hand that will extend.

At the end of the day maybe this is the lesson that I am meant to learn for now.



Putting my home in a backpack?

image courtesy Google

Somewhere there has been the invasion of my physical space, the space that I call home it is as if, souls that are not at rest, the dark forces have made their home and my entire house is sagging by their weight. Then disaster struck, the painters came calling. When we had to pull the house around for the walls to be painted. I realized the junk we had collected. It was time to let go.

Yet letting has been such a power struggle. The thinks that I know need to go, but when my husband Mr.D says it becomes this huge boogie man who is there to play the power game.  And most of the clutter was nothing but physical manifestation of unmade decisions, the article I cut out in 1979, the recipe that I noted in 1978, I mean the prints faded they are no more relevant. Somewhere they are fuelled by procrastination.

The toughest thing to face has been, when it’s my time to go this has to stay behind the best thing then to do is to pack light. When people have moved on, and they are no more in our space, maybe it’s time to let their things go too. The wooden rack that Kittdoddamma gave me is not really needed, I cling and each time I have to clean it I cringe, not a pleasant way to remember a lovely woman. When Maya asked me if she could have the rack since I was not using it, and she needed it, very reluctantly I gave it away, it was then that I realized letting go didn’t mean I do not care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person I really have control is over me. Letting go just release the weight that was attached to my ankles.

got to go

Maybe it’s the same about anything that has over stayed its welcome in any space. We are secure in the pond that we are, and change even it means cleaning up or organizing is scary. But unless one ventures out, the ocean, sea, will all be the mysterious boogie man. Holding on to something just because it is good for me, for now could be the very reason why I do not have something better…

Our surgery professor, Dr.Divaker Shenoy used to tell us, we are told that holding on, and hanging on are signs of great strength, but there are times when it takes more strength to know when to let go and then just amputate, you never know, you might learn to live without the limb or regenerate a new limb. Though it did sound stupid then, the logic does make sense.

The big boogiebag.

Throwing that junk away, has made my house lighter, and definitely more aesthetic. How true the beautiful journey of today can only begin if we can learn to let go of yesterday. Maybe that’s what it’s all about, the winter the shivaratri, about learning from trees, who are experts letting to, that makes them so incredibly honest, throwing all those stored paper cuttings, and letters, somehow made me realize that key to worthiness was not in those paper cuttings or the crockery on my shelf, it was as if I could suddenly pick up my suitcase of pride, and board a flight to freedom…. this I know is my Shambala… find yours.

We all accumulate things we do not need to keep, as these are the soveneers of the past, but they are also obstructions in the way of our future. Many times we have clung on to many are useless and meaningless things these tend to pile up, and take up space in life. Letting go of this is scary… here’s what I did, I went into a meditative phase with self hypnosis and gave myself this suggestion

To Keep or not to keep 

With less clutter, I will be able to focus more on what I really need and want in my life, I will be freeing space in mind and my life just like freeing space on the hard drive of a computer, valuable space can be used for what is important in life. I can imagine my life streamlined and clear with space around me and more time. I am now moving on and progressing. I have lost nothing because I have all my memories still in my mind, I can remember whenever I want to without having clutter around. I am more effective, productive and hence am able to progress in the direction that I want, to.

I remember reading a book long ago, that said, don’t keep the things you need to take and then decide the bag, decide the bag and then put the things in. preferably choose a backpack. Thats what I plan to do with my house.declutter 2

Coming back to the mundane true happiness for all, are the 3D’s

  • Declutter
  • Donate
  • Deduct– save money by claiming donation on your tax returns.


Parallel Reality — another space and time

violet flame
image courtesy google.

Parallel reality

Ever thought of this… a coin coming down heads that the possibility of its coming down tails has collapsed. Until that moment the two possibilities were equal. But in another world it could come down tails then what happens? The worlds split apart… another reality is created.

Quantum physics has opened a door to the possibility of parallel universe or the existence of multiverse.  This concept relooks the nature of reality. The worlds of cosmology, quantum and theoretic physics and astronomy are all in place to accept that there are multiple reality not just different interpretations but objective realities that are different from one another totally.

Physics calls parallel universe as the Multiverse and recognizes it as a hypothetical collection of undetectable universes that are like our known universe but have branched off from our universe due to a quantum level event.

While cosmology recognizes parallel universe as a universe that co-exists with our known universe but may operate fundamentally under different laws of physics.

This would mean that there could be a universe where we exist or have existed through the same time timeline with some minor insignificant variation, like, maybe the chicken pox you had when you wanted to skip the 12th grade exam may not occur. Quantum physics claims that this is not an absolute term, so each possible observation, with a different probability would correspond to a different universe. On a macro level it implies that every choice, action or interaction we make is one from a range of possible outcomes and we can collapse it into our current timeline, there would be a parallel universe where we could experience a different set of circumstances created by choices.

The question that emerges at this point is these realities out there? Can we connect to it? is it possible to switch from one life time to the other, there are instances where people have experienced this parallel reality one way or the other and not really notice it, because it happens in fraction of a second.

Quite a few of current life issues are dealt with and can be healed by accessing the parallel realities

Exploring parallel realities to find resolutions to current life issues is one of the greatest modalities that hypnotherapy uses. Of course inducing a good trance, and identifying the actual issue that one is dealing with is vital once that is done, then exploring parallel realities becomes the option.

A patient of mine with whom I conducted this session of parallel realities did find resolution and reaction was, everything looked the same, but suddenly felt like it was not, like everything has been taken apart, sort of brick by brick flower bed by flower bed and put back together in the order an order I choose consciously to derive a particular goal. Those that could not be re-located I could accept that yes, this is not reloadable so I need to work with this.

This understanding in itself created a shift in her resolving the baggage she was dealing.


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The Big Bully.

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The word Bully has diverse meaning like a blustering browbeating person especially someone who is habitually cruel to others particularly some weak. It could also mean a hired ruffian. Interestingly the word began meaning as brother, friend, sweetheart.

Bullying can be a simple one on one to more complexes, with a bully having one or more lieutenants. Bullying at schools, family, workplace, home and neighbourhoods.  This bullying patterns and behaviour depends on whether the most influential male in the bullies’ life would approve of the bullying behaviour or not.

Bullies behave the way they do because

  • They direct their frustrations, hurt, anger and difficulty with environment at home or school on someone who will not hit back.
  • To feel cool or popular, in charge particularly if the person lacks attention from friends, parents or teachers.
  • Sometimes, kids see others getting their way by pushing or intimidating others, they learn that it is the best shot at survival.
  • Bad value systems at home,
  • Watching violent movies tends to arouse the violent streak in people, and they try them out on people who appear smaller or weaker than them.

What is the victimology or what makes a person susceptible to bullying.—bullies tend to pick people who they think they can get away bullying. The ratio of being bullied is one in four in most   countries. Some major triggers seem to be

  • People who appear smaller or weaker.
  • Physical appearance,… too thin, tall, short, fat whatever.
  • Skin colour.
  • People who challenged or have physical variations like defective eyes, style of walking, speech whatever, sometimes it is something as mundane as a name.
  • People who are short tempered are a great catch for bullies, since it is easier set them off.
  • Loners or people who are very shy are often butts of bullying for awkward social experiences are brought up and the person is made to relive it.

Bulling can be Physical, Emotional, or verbal. These days bullying is also cyber.images

By and large the tendency is to brush off bullying as part of growing up, fun, peer bonding etc. but the impact of it can be long drawn. It affects both the predator and the victim.

The victim lands up losing interest in school, they might even suffer physical and mental injuries. Depression, anxiety, anxiety, sleep disorder, turning into loners and generally looses interest in activity there are also incidences where victims have been pushed to committing suicide and this has been labelled as Bullicide.

The kids who bully tend to have violent behaviour as well. Alcohol, drug abuse seems to follow through adolescence and adulthood.  Fights, vandalism dropping out of school, promiscuous behaviour and they are also vulnerable to sexual abuse and sexually transmitted infections.

bullyingMany bullies become abusive towards their spouses and children

the semi-annual event International Stand Up to Bullying day is to take a visible public stance against bullying. This event takes place in schools, workplaces, organization. This happens on the on the last Fridays of November and the Last Friday of February.

This is an event that has been happening since February 2008 students and staff take a stand against Bullying by signing and wearing a special pink pledge shirt.

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Understanding Belief systems.

vasco (2)Belief systems.

When people ask us what is hypnosis we try to explain that we are belief enhancers. By definition belief is – conviction of the truth of some statement or reality of some being or phenomenon especially when based on examination of evidence.

Mainstream psychology and related disciplines have traditionally treated belief as if it were the simplest form of mental representation and therefore one of the building blocks of conscious thought.

The concept of belief presumes a subject—a believer and an object – the proposition. So like other propositional attitudes belief implies the existence of mental states and intentionality. Both of which are hotly debated  topics in the philosophy of mind,whose foundations and relation to brain states are still controversial.

Beliefs are sometimes divided into core beliefs—that is what are actively thought about and dispositional beliefs—those that maybe ascribed to someone who has not thought about the issue.

There are some core belief that we all about ourselves, like probably I am good at math, men always cheat etc. etch. These are not just opinions, but they are belief. Belief are solid ideas stored in your subconscious ind, whether they were really true or not, you will believe in them as long as you hold them in your mind. belief gets stronger when evidence supports them and they become wearker when something appears to be contradicting with them.

When an idea constantly bypasses your conscious fillers straight to your subconscious mind it may turn into a belief. It could by the conscious filters in one of the ways

  • From a trusted source – like maybe your parents, you will accept what they say without doubt, and it would enhance and strengthen when others support it. if your parents kept telling you were fool or dumb you would group feeling inferior.
  • When the conscious mind gets distracted, like when you are totally concentrating on something, then the subconscious remains unguarded. Say you were watching a serial totally engrossed with the perils of Pamela, the commercial break get to bypass your conscious mind and directly work with the subconscious.
  • Hypnosis is another space where your conscious mind filters are turned off, so that the suggestions can go directly to your subconscious mind.


Belief systems are quite important in life it can control, create, and change your life. if there is a false belief, it is quite probable that we land up creating a self fulfilling prophecy to support it.

Beliefs that people harbour that they are failures, they are victims, can cause major issues. One way of dealing with this is to question your subconscious. Persistently another way is to go into a hypno-trance and relook at the belief form environment and reassess it as an adult.


To identify the core belief the ideal thing to do is to follow the emotions. There is tremendous pain in believing something negative about ourselves. but when something really hurts us, it is not the other, the other is just pulling a trigger, that confirms a belief that you have about yourself.

Hypnosis, like I said before, identifies this core belief that we carry about ourselves and help us to break the patterns that we create.

<p>This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on <a href=”https://www.indiblogger.in”>IndiBlogger</a&gt; for the launch of the <a href=”http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com/tata-zica-social-center&#8221; target=”_blank”>#Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors</a>. You can  apply for a <a href=”http://madeofgreat.tatamotors.com/tata-zica&#8221; target=”_blank”>test drive of the hatchback Zica</a> today.</p>