Waste Water and Water Waste

Waste Water… and Water Waste

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But I have not written it over weekend, simply because I was researching and I needed to get my information right.

So lets start at the very beginning.. No we are not going to a place where water was common resource but to this event called the world water day. It’s on 22nd of march, which means this article is almost a week late and most of us are probably already looking at 1st April for the all fools day. this year the UN focuses on waste waters and the ways to reduce and reuse as over 80% of all the waste water from our homes, cities industries and agriculture flows back into nature polluting the environment and losing valuable nutrients and other recoverable materials.

The UN also has a goal 6 which is ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all by 2030. The target of this is is to halve the proportion of untreated waste water and increase water recycling and safe re-use of water.

Some facts from the UN

  • Globally over 50% of the water waste generated by the society flows back into ecosystem without being treated or reused.
  • 8 billion People use a source of drinking water contaminated with faeces, putting them at risk contracting cholera, dysentery, typhoid and polio. Unsafe water, poor sanitation and hygiene cause around 842,000 deaths each year.(data courtesy WHO/UNICEF)

After all this not really relevant data, let’s look at waste water,  how many of you saw sewage, kitchen flow etc. etc. the imagery of cattle bathing in the river, or clothes being washed in the river. Well cattle bathing in the river is their right I do not what gives us the right to deprive them, but that is another war, not the agenda here. clothes being washed at the river side is an issue because the detergents that are marketed so heavily subtly ridiculing the traditional washing aids, contaminate water.  I doubt if the policy makers also thought of the real pollutants from urban sewage, trucks being washed at the water bodies, industrial waste etc. etc. Contamination also occurs right up to the groundwater through septic tanks.

The theme this year is about reusing waste water

The Water Resource Department,(WRD) has come up with a sequential water reactor, the first level of treatment allows the water to be used to flush the toilets and to be used in gardens, while the second level allows the water to become drinkable.  Government provides assistance to bring this into action; somehow housing societies are rather reluctant to pick this one.

The area that WRD is supposed to work on, is creating awareness on rainwater harvesting and assisting people to do so. the government gives a subsidy of 50.000 – 2 lakhs, to individuals or societies to achieve this. Every panchayat has an officer appointed by the government to do this, yet the citizens are totally unaware of this.

Ground water act calls for all wells to be registered, so do the water tankers. – Details are found on the web of WRD, printed copy of this act is not available, and translation to quite a few vernacular language is also required. The job and funds for doing so is available to the information department. The PWD takes on the cleaning of the existing wells,

The government has allotted funds for de-silting, and cleaning existing wells. The wells need to be registered to avail this. The directorate of health, which is in charge of checking the water quality, has required equipment, and a designated officer but is absolutely clueless on how to use the equipment as no one has demanded that it be done, the resources undergo disuse atrophy.

Know the department involved in water saga,

  • Sewage and Infrastructural Development Corporation. Every state has one.       In charge of the waste water treatment.
  • Water resource department — water supply, rainwater harvest education, registration of wells, and water transport trucks.
  • Directorate of Health Services water quality maintenance, and watch dog for waterborne diseases.
  • PWD water cleaning and de-silting and maintenance of ground water

The information I have handed is also incomplete, since time is a constrain. But amazes me is when we buy a television we check out the service etc. etc. we do not take the trouble of seeing where our tax money is going. Nor do we take the responsibility for any of this when we buy our flat.


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Traffic Woes — the other side of the story.

#Sushant Forever,#GoaCan

When I first saw the poster I was kind of sceptic, I mean what’s the big deal.

When GoaCan invited me for a panel discussion on road accidents I went there since it is a bugbear in my space.

sushant forever (3)
the winning photographs, “Traffic” being the theme

The event for sponsored by Sushant forever.

I discovered that Sushant Naik was a 23yr. Photographer who died in a road pop. Since then his parents have this event to remind people we do not need anymore Sushants. The room was full of everyday people, citizens who know and realize that being is citizen is not about your laptop and blaming the government but becoming proactive.

The panel had Sandesh Prabhudesai as the moderator, he of course baited the discussion.

There is an old red Indian saying that says judge a man only when you walk in his moccasins. Here was Mr.Prakash Azavedo, telling us

  • Department wants it mandatory to include traffic rules in schools, particularly pre-primary and primary. Not as lesson to write but let them use the tricycles, and bicycles that they play with to learn traffic rules.
  • Before giving licenses for schools check with the RTO and traffic for safety, and parking clearance.

The resistance here comes from the public, instead of understanding that these government offices function for the people, by the people they look at it as us people and them government.

The dynamic traffic cop Mr.Angle, gave us horrifying statistics and in each case it is the vehicle owner’s irresponsibility.

  • Driving through one ways,
  • Speaking when on the mobile,
  • Triple ridding a three wheeler.
  • Driving with helmets and seat belts.

    sushant forever (1)
    educational layouts from the traffic cops.

The most interesting question that was put across was by Mr.Angle to the Mr.Kulkarni from the PWD, why is that you guys put a speed breaker over night without marking, and the effect of it shows up on my statistics as fatal or brutal accidents.

The PWD has his own owes, with the telephone companies and cable operators digging up as and when they feel like without informing or taking prior permission, now here is the cliché, the PWD cannot take action until someone complains and no one is willing to complain, because its not their job.

It is not that provisions are not made there is a road engineering department which looks into road safety. Like the PWD engineer mentioned, there is a pedestrian walk over right in front of the Sharada mandir  school, but neither do the parents use it, nor do they train their children to use it.

unless speed breakers have at least 4 signs warning people of their existence they are illegal. Inform the RTO of its presence, they will be removed.

If the PWD digs a road, they use signs, if roads are being dug without signs they are illegal, bring it to the PWD/RTO’s notice.

Vehicles parked on the footpath are illegal.

The process is very simple click a picture, mention the date and location either post it on the traffic cells wall or whatsup/SMS the relevant department, particularly cop, their numbers are available.

The best thing we could do is help the traffic cell by volunteering as traffic wardens.

sushant forever (4)
The traffic wardens of Chorao

to volunteer as a traffic warden please get in touch with your nearest RTO  or the RTO cell at the Kadamba bus-stop.