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  • MuktaKaravaki1964


    Freeing oneself could be letting go, shifting from caretaking to caregiving, from empathy to sympathy. most importantly we can only give what we have, so self love is essential.

  • MadhymaKaravaki1964


    compulsive giving could be coming from the fear of abandonment.

  • Voice In My Head.

    Voice In My Head.

    The stadium was full buzzing with life of visual creation. Foot lights spot lights and sound systems being checked. Celebrities walking in one by one…  No doubt it was a literary festival. The Word World Lit fest like they called it, it was a prestigious one like the Jaipur lit fest, or the Kala Goda.…

  • And what does God want?

    And what does God want?

    The trick question had begun to seep in, however. It had become a trick situation. The longer she sat feeling sorry for herself, the less sorry she felt. It’s called a reverse something or the other. There isn’t time to get into that now. “

  • About Mothers and Daughters

    About Mothers and Daughters

    “our mother’s remain the strangest and craziest people we’ve ever met” she had said. “call me mother and harkens to my tale. This is something about nothing” her mother had said an hour and half ago. Radhamma, the heart and soul of the senior citizen’s guild wanted closures.  5th child to a borderline autistic mother…

  • A Reason for Treason.

    A Reason for Treason.

    The morning sounds of a typical southern house was on. Mallamma making coffee,  her husband who in a rural set up would have been called “Aiyaa’ (these days it was “Saar ” or “Sirji” depending on where he was stationed, or where his children were stationed) going through “The Hindu”. Now Mallamma was very diligent…