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Can Women have some dignity…?

We have so many popular slogans and campaigns running, every Rotary club and any other club worth its salt is talking Women’s Day let’s not forget the feminist seminars and public debates, RJ’s screaming at the highest pitch that their voice about the greatness of women, lets look at ground reality through the eyes of  the PM’s banega swach bharat,

There are settlements where people can be forced to build toilets.

The group I am talking about is the labour force the woman working out in the fields, building your roads and houses, they work about 8hrs a day, having to leave their homes earlier than that, during the day they need to ease themselves, can we allow them the dignity of doing so?  people have offered to give them mobile toilets but labour contractors don’t want to take it on, people living on the flats and houses where these construction work is going on, look at these mobile toilets as contamination of their turf.

Then the women who work with garbage sorting, the non-biodegradable used sanitary towels are handled by them, rendering them open to infection, can we provide them safety?

Go to any women’s toilet most of them are dirty, with sanitary towels strewn and menstrual discharge around… it looks like the toilet came alive and regurgitated all over the floor and walls, the putrid water still trickling from the bowl.

We can talk about women’s rights, and dignity but where is it? unless we recognize that each individual is unique and valuable by the virtue of simply being conceived human, we cannot really talk human rights, this includes the right to be born, as  many of us have, and many have not just because they were female, the accidental attributes we acquire, maybe our colour, intelligence, our physical and mental abilities, these should not be a barrier to our dignity.

So thanks for the women’s day’s saccharine messages but no thank you.


The town of Akola

Still on the trail of swach Bharat with NDTV and fellow blogger it was day-2

thuvar fields
thuvar fields

From Buldana, to Akola district, we stayed at the town of Akola, at a place called Jasnagar Hotel. The town of Akola, looked slow paced, it was as if the town wanted to share her story with us, old British building, late British Raj period Maharashtrian ,Akola  spoke of urban residence of landed gentry. There were quite few building more precise residences built in the seventies style of architecture.

The town has a clock tower another typical, British feature. The railway station that connects Akola to more prominent towns is very old British in appearance. The town definitely has an old world charm.akola (7)

Enroute we passed fields of thuvar, channa and cotton our driver Balbirji, is a farmer on a sabbatical so kept pointing out the various flora. It was interesting to see him enjoying the well laid fields with modern farming technology and irrigation system.

I normally tend to note a hotel for the cleanliness, the service, and food particularly in that order. My family at Poona were worried about this road trip, because they were not sure where we would be put up.

hotel jasnagar
hotel jasnagar

Well this hotel was definitely clean, what really got me, was their complimentary beverage counter with a handy hot water kettle.

It was the first time I used Girnar premixed sachets; it was so good I have been hunting for it, back in Goa. Then was the toiletries the hotel gave complimentary, to this indicates not only the kind of clientele the hotel deals with but also the kind of meticulous care they take of their customers. What surprised me was with usual soap and shampoo, they had complimentary moisturizer,oral care, shoe polish, suing kit. It was the Shoe polish that gave it the star in my book.

In the evening we wanted to go to the fort, but unfortunately the fort closes down for visitors at 5pm. The hotel provides a brochure with all the places of tourist interests, in addition to the staff being helpful. Since we decided to go to the fort at 4.30, and it closed at 5pml they did try to tell the curator to give us a little extra time, they tried throwing in the NDTV carrot but govt. Rules are adhered to.

Akola is now definitely on my to visit list.

Hotel Jasnagar is great place to stay, try their Maharashtrian cuisine, it is excellent.