Write Rituals

Writing is tasting life twice, once when you experience it, and second time when you write the experience. The best way to write your story is to just start writing. Some interesting writing practices shared by Chetan Mahajan and other writers. Endeavour to get into flow researchers suggest comes from being intrinsically motivated, one has …

Doppelganger Week

It is the Doppelganger week. Doppelgangers have been seen as paranormal. Harbinger of bad luck and what not. But the social media and meme generators have lot of hype round this and is popularly called the Twin stranger. For those who want get your doppelganger have fun. You are to create meme and post it for the week.

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savia veigas 2 Savia Vegas image courtesy Google.

#Fun #Fantastic.

Last September I was at Mumbai airport, when someone hailed me, I stopped and looked back. A middle aged gentle man walked up to to me and said, ”Hi Savia” this is not the first time. At the Publishing Next conference, a charming lady walks up to me gives me this very I am right or wrong look, and then beams, with the smile of victory, she had a solved a puzzled, ”Hi Savia.”

This happens so very often, that I feel like walking around with a board at every literary meeting that says, ”Not Savia.” Not that I mind being mistaken for Savia, after all she is my alter ego, she is very beautiful both in her appearance and the way she carries herself. I take it as a compliment when someone mistakes me for her. But poor Savia…thankful, I am not…

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