Hello world!

hosa chiguru, hale beru kudiralu marasobhagu

hosa yukti, hale tattwa dhodhagoode dharma.

this small poem in kannada has inspired these pages.  Basically the poem translates to

the new leaves on an old tree, makes it beautiful

new techniques to work a old principle

makes it fruitful.

 Let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start with.

I have been blogging for a while now, it was a kind of mein aur mere tanhai when I started, I remember my tag line being,

”sab le gaye anmol rattan ghere paani doob, mein baawari dhooban dari rahi kinare bait.”

Somewhere I figured no the about column is about who I am, and I really needed to look, all that I could come up with “ A gypsy meandering through  a mystic journey to a mythical land,” well I realize I am a gypsy and I do meander, but I am not really lost,  so then came the current tag line

A travelogue through life.

My last journey to Bangalore to meet other wonderful women at #BreakingBarriers, an event by www.Women’sWeb.in I reckoned, yet my blog is a chronicle a vine, with Wine, Whine and Win. Maybe that is great place to be in.

When I began this journey it was hands on, I did not really know the difference between category and tag. So now it is time to set the act right, I have given myself about 100 days to do so, so help me Lord. Maybe I should just stick to those as my let me get back on this one, the challenge for me is to classify what I have. hmm not bad, let’s see where I go from here.

April.12.2017 —

Here I am trying to find something very witty or rather to be impressive, the bottome line I have to answer is why am I blogging?

I began precisely I felt left behind as the rest of the world went on, I wanted someone to talk to and unburden, who better than the unseen to the hear the voice of the unheard. Actually categories and tags seem so irrelevant. But thousand odd blogs later more for myself I realize i need to make categories.

There was the traditional one,

Pataskala about dishes, adhikaprasangi about being a busybody, tailor-made about tailoring, etc. etc. but then I would need to explain the terms to people, here, what is my blog about?

  • Complaints about my pet peeves,
  • Venting out nastily
  • Some things l learnt along the way
  • Amazing people and places
  • Epiphany
  • Book reviews

I do sound all over the place but then lets see let me create the Mandala of life, and see what I can put there and build things on from there, that Kind of sounds more workable. Some of my initial categories have grown into being independent blogs. I need to have those links in place too. hmm, that a lot of work.






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