who is a mystic?

Who is a mystic? A seeker or someone who intuitively knows? Exploring the only path I know I conclude.

Mystics are neither drop outs nor escapists; they are scientist of catharsis and conversation. Now and then they do claim unqualified communication with god.

They interpret the world with a different eye than an ordinary one. They have an internal way of seeing, knowing an eternal way of gaining knowledge they value experience.

Mysticism does share a common area with magic, prayer, workshop science and metaphysics. It is based on the magic view of life though the mystic does not possess miraculous power a mystic is not interested in being a miracle man, prayer and worship exists despite of being the essence—of mystical complex. Mysticism may take help form metaphystisics or theology but is not indispensable. The definition that I like the best was”consiousness of the beyond

The mystic’s final goal is to return to the root or source, this faces psychological and semantic blocks.

Mystics have inspired cultures and revolutions.

The mystic gathers news from nowhere for he has the conscious of the beyond of an unseen reality that results in freedom.

The chandogya Upanishad puts it beautifully

in this body is a spirit, there is a little house shaped like a lotus in that house is a little space there is as much pace in that house as there is in this world. What likes in that world des not decay when body falls, the space is that of the spirit

It is only we have strayed away from the path to this house, finding our way back to it is a quest, the mystic knows the path.

Another concept the mystic Red Indians have is “every part of this earth is sacred. Every shining pine needle, every mist in the dark woods, every sandy shore every clearing and humming insect they are all sacred we are part of the earth and earth is part of us. We are siblings—the flowers the horse and I—but in the modern city there I no quiet no place or time to hear the unfurling spring, or the rustle of the wind Bu I do not understand for I have become savage.

For a mystic everything is holy what brings romanticism and mysticism close to each other is a sense of beyond. They are sensitive to both sensuous and non sensuous.

Without the mysticism the aesthetic education of an artist incomplete.

Mystical may be part of the ordinary or heightened awareness

Mystics have affinity towards the magical and mythical

At the end of the day mysticisms and literature meet because both deal with creative set of man and both need special language or semantics may be one should forget questions and experience the wonderment of the poetry. To quote Rumi, what I have got to do with poetry there are moments in life when

A nameless marvel fills motionless hours

Its spirit mingle with the eternity’s heart

And bears the silence of the infinite.

Can I call the mystic as a psychic traveler on the quest for a meta-physical city?

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