Serpent worship in other cults.

Cambodians believe that Khmer people emerged from the union of indigenous element and Indians. The legend has it that an Indian Brahman named Kaundiya came to the naga dominated Cambodian, married their princess name Soma and their descendants are Khmer people.

Semites and Mesopotamians believed that snakes were immortal.

Bronze age serpent statures and Hittites shrines with the god holding a serpentine one hand an a staff in the other have been excavated.

In Greek mythology, serpent motif is dominant. Medusa, and hair bad hair, Minoan goddess with a serpent on either hand prefers her role as a wisdom goddess as opposed to goddess of animals.

Python is the earth’s dragon of Delphi who was slewn by Apollo and remade h;her old home has his most powerful oracle.

Aesculapius the son of Apollo learn t the secret of keeping death at bay by observing snakes. To prevent other humans from learning this and turning immortal he was killed.

Jormundgander the middle son of Loki and Angrbooa was tossed into the great ocean that circles the midgrad is the Nordic legend. He then grew so large that he circled the migard and swallowed his own tail. Earning him the name midgard or world serpent.


Zulu tribe of African have the concept of family snake.

Au;Australian aborigines worship a huge python referred t as the rainbow serpent. He is believed to crede the landscape the spirit of fresh water and punish the law breakers. (sounds like our concept of varuna.)

native Americans refer to the rattle snake as grandfather and he is considered the king of all snakes. It figures in number of their dances. Snake worship was part of the Sun worshiping Azetic temple rituals. They believed that the snakes were the portals between the two worlds.

Except for Christianity where snakes are considered evil all other ethnic cultures have revered snakes.

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