the warrior within.

The legend of conquering hero the valiant warrior they are so fascinating.(My friend Lakshman always accused me of romanticizing things)

What actually makes a warrior, — to me a warrior would be he who stands up what he believes in, someone who preservers even in the face of challenges and obstacles. Someone who speaks and acts in the service of an ideal. Someone who protects those are weak to fight for themselves—that’s a heavy burden to carry right.

It helps to awaken the shah within us, when we are scared, anxious, or feel powerless. There are times that we need to stand up to our beliefs and convictions.  The fiery protective presence—quite often this is missing. Wonder why?

Maybe because he was never awoken, we have been conditioned from childhood to be docile. Maybe a over dominant warrior parent has made our shah reclusive, or still worse, absence of the warrior in parents may have made us unaware of his existence.

The best way to inspire is we find one warrior maybe real or mythical make him/her our mentor and start assimilitating him/her into our lives.  It could work.

Interestingly the word Shah is derived from an Iranian word KSHATIYA –

take off on KSHATRIYA.

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