Looking up to a role model

Looking up to a role model is something that neurolinguistic programs always talk about.

Most girls look up to their mothers, or maybe now the more glamorous magazines and  celebrity profile.

The fact that one does not have to confirm, or can rebel silently was taught to me by my grandmother. She would at the beginning of the day put a statement of what she wanted to achieve that day. And quietly go about doing it, initially according to her my grandfather threw tantrum, what my grandmother called male whimpering that roared.

She figured that grandpa threw a tantrum if she was sitting when he came home, so she just evolved a system of taking her rest when he was not around.

The day my aunt left for the hostel, she took up a job just not bothering about grandpa had to say.

Of course my mother did feel that granny disrespected grandpa but granny put it,

“well, I respect myself more”

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