positive lesson at the parking lane.

Parking positive energy

Few days ago at 18th June road I was trying to find a parking slot. Between Gujrat lodges, the pilots, the domino home delivary vehicles and the footpath vendor it seems mission impossible.

From annoyance to angere, to self pity the negetive energy gets piled up.  The standard emotional responses

“I never find a parking zone”—(every no parking sign should alternate with a no whining signing.) ahh el finito the reality that I create for myself gets affirmed. If it is not the parking slot it is some other issue.

Its was a like a bolt from the blue when I realized I was so busy fretting that I would not  find a parking place, and so focused on finding an empty slot, that I did not notice the man who signalling that he was leaving. The person behind me took the slot. Well I had a goofed the opportunity myself. Well let me rephrase that, I was so busy sweating for an empty slot that I was sabotaging my opportunity for a slot!!

Since that day, I have started singing when I ride, and instead of creating a fret build up assuming that parking is a pain, I just keep a watch for an emptying slot, and I do find one.

maybe Perils of Pamela, pet peeves and pet hates are all bad parking opportunities  those terrrible energy drainers caused by some imaginary trouble in a mythical situation.

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