five minutes to happiness

If you see someone without a smile give him yours.

It is so easy to get entangled and lost in the maze of life, the rigid parameters of career, relaxation etc. etc. nothing is spontanous anymore. We tend to forget that happiness does not come with stipulation. In today’s world it has become a hard earned reward to be scheduled for.We have to actually slot a worry free time  for ourselves.

Yet cultivating a happy heart takes no more than 5mnts.

The reminder that a reason to smile is always there and that it  is so profound and uncomplicated.

It could be the aroma of pipping hot coffee,

It could be a pleasant walk in a garden.

It could be the new flower that bloomed in your terrace garden not the virtual one.

Doodling, daydreaming, try it, the hitch is finding that one thing that makes you smile, do it for 5mnts. The rest of your 13hrs and 55mnts of wakefulness will be filled with joy.

Intially it is embarrassing, gradually after you accept it, you will find new and different challenges for your 5mnts

Essentially this is your time to unwind so don’t multitask it with your restroom time. J

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