The Iconic Indian woman

Kala academy is bustling as usual.
I spot, a little lonely girl sitting all by herself. I know this child she was my husband’s students errs ago.
A good student, well behaved, dancer done her necessary dance exams etc.  The usual hi hello madam was over, and then we came to the standard what are you doing.
“I’m waiting to get married, then I’will start working “
“oh! Congrats, when is the date”
And another friend asked her “what is the groom doing?”
She broke down.
It transpired that her father was adamant that she should not take up a job, until she got married. No reasons given, it pleases him that’s why.
Why did he let her do MBA at all?
She said, wanted to do her MBA so she went along hoping that once she qualified he would let her work.
The girl has stopped going out as much as possible so that she does not have to answer embarrassing questions,
The once sparkling girl looks insipid and tired. The glow is gone.
May be the girl could be more aggressive and tell her father to take a walk and pick up a job, but somewhere her upbringing does not let her do so.
Its already two years down the line, God knows when her father will find the right match, will he ask her opinion then or will he just insist that she marries a man of his choice. Is she going to let her husband make the choice for then.
While all this talk was going on, my friend walked away, being married for 15yrs, a MBA again with a Phd, she has another story line.
She was to go to Germany, but who was to stay with her 2yr.old daughter, mind you it was only a matter of a month, parents in law refused and mother cannot come to stay in the daughter’s house, for conventional reasons.
I wonder if this would be a issue if her husband had to go Germany for a year.
How long are we going to let this happen?
At schools we are taught that families are basic unit of the society and society is the base for a strong nation. With this patriarchal hierarchy, where one parent lives through the other, children are treated as assets and liability, we except to create perfect democracy a balance to emerge from the imbalance.
No wonder the woman’s bill is a joke, with Lallu proclaiming that his wish would be Rabri’s command.
We can envision a strong nation only when we have nurtured our children’s talent and self esteem.
The need of the hour is not dependence or independence it is interdependency and symbiosis.
A truly nurturing family does not impose or imprison, it lets the child to bloom into his or her potential making him respect himself, his identity, and respect the other. The child then becomes a true global citizen with no ferreting boundaries.

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