Ten commandments for peaceful bill paying

Hum bill de chuke sanam,
Could become a world wideanthem. The bills to be paid, the confusion it causes when not done on time. Most houses with both partners working it is an issue who takes the day off.
In our house my husband is sweet enough to spare me the running around except for the telephone bill that always somehow seems to get left over till the last date. Juggling my schedule for that single bill has driven me nuts.On the other hand, it is essential that hubby dearest is not stressed out either. To ensure this harmony we’ve (I’ve) come up with this commandaments, hope it help some of you keep stress at bay too.
1. Keep all the bills at one place so that you don’t have to hunt for them.
2. Designate two days in a month to pay the bills, your partner and you can split the days.
3. Keep all your bill paying essentials together at one place, i.e. checkbook, stamp,pens,pencils, calculator tape stapler and return address label.
4. Immediately record the bills paid.
5. Store all the paid bills at designated bill till the financial year is up.
6. Organize your cancelled checks and check out your bank statement once a month.
7. Condense your credit cards, i.e. half the number of cards you have.
8. Prepare envelopes for recurring bills before hand for the entire year. E.g. house rent bill etc.
9. If you can pay the bill online please do it, many standard bills like water dept, telephone dept. Give you a discount for online payment.
10. Simplify even more by using a inexpensive money management software.
Hope this makes things a little less stressful.

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