Mukti or liberation

The pathway to liberation—Madhwa siddantha inspired by the Bhagawatam.

The Madhva Siddhanta talks of the pathway to Mukti or liberation, these can be found in the Bhagwat Gita.

Purushah sa parah partha, bhaktaylabhyastwannyathaa

Yasaayatahsthaani bhutaani yena sarvidam tatam


The Supreme divine who resides in all the tenses, ie the past,present and future, he who has created the world, to realize him is to be with him, the only path to this is devotion or dedication.

From bhakti comes knowledge, from knowledge comes liberation.

Bhaktyamaamabhijaanoti yaayaan yashchsmittatwatah

Tato maa tatwato jnaatwavishate tanataram


The adept recognizes and realizes the divine when he is dedicated or devoted to finding him, that brings him the understanding the understanding liberates him.

He who surrenders to the divine, shall experience the divine.

Twameva sharanam gaccha sarvabaavena bhaarata

Tatprasadat paraam shantim shanamprapayssi shashwatam


As Sri Krishna explains in the Gita, surrender to the Omnipotent divine. If surrendered willingly to the superior intellect, it inspires, guides, and renders harmony. This liberates the soul.

As Sri Madhva Acharya preaches, “Sri Hari is the Omnipotent Truth, the Divine he creator of all existence,. This is the difference between the Paramatma and the Jivatma. All souls individually apart but are the part of the great divine. The path of Liberation is surrendering to the divine omnipotent”

Sarvasya chaaham hrdi sannivishto

Matah smritrjnamapohanam cha

Vedaishcha sarvairahmeva vedyo

Vedantikkrdvedvideva chaaham


What is preached by all the Vedas is tha Sri Hari is the creator of all existence.  Doing our duty without expecting anything in return and dedicating our act to him is the best devotion.a lifestyle thus adhered to will bring in internal peace, harmony and a sense of calm.

This was the teaching of Sri Krishna to Arjuna, these were then explained by Sri Madhva Acharya to his disciples, which Vyasa raya swami has brought to us.

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