Ayodhya decision was to be delivered yesterday at 3.45, to be very frank I forgot about it. Until TM Nagaraj, called up to ask if our  charternite was on. Then came few other calls.

So like the good citizen that I am I turned on, NDTV (I know it is called Hara-kiri) and madam BAKBAK Dutt was going on flashing her imperfect occlusion and perfect smile.

The site of Ayodhya was covered by someone called Kashish whosoever, (at the rate that I am forgetting the names I should screen myself for Alzheimer’s) who kind of got confused with her pauses she sniffed instead (thankfully she used her palm to rub her nose and not her dupatta), and “you know “used “you know” instead of the periods.

Between two erudite scholars, NDTV’s people’s representative some Mr.Rao and  somebodyortheother educated us on how the verdict was not judicial, how it did not address the primary prayer,          etc. etc. and how it was Panchayat like. But as a normal not so politically or judicially educated Indian I thought it was quite a good decision. The only thing I could not figure was land had to be given to pneumonia akhada this morning I realized that the pneumonia had to be nirmohi.

Anyway, I still have not figured out why madam Bakbak constantly got back to Salman Rushdie. Who made such a ridiculous statement? “When the British left India instead of a progressive Indian taking over ancient system took over, and the ancient system is corrupt and blah” what he was trying to tell us is that we should have had some WOG to take charge. Mr. Rushdie they were all WOGS there your Gandhi included.

How come there has been no reaction to it? Why is it that he is given so much importance?  At the end of the day that is he– a man with no roots, who has no faith in his religion and no respect for the country he claims to hail from. All his books take a pot shot at these foundations of his being, presenting them in poor light and establish the superiority of his masters?  Do we really need him to comment on CWG if he does in what capacity? Is he a sportsman, statesman, he is not even an Indian.

But what I did like was the irony of it all, everyone talks about dispute-prayer-peace but the identity of Ayodhya has been forged as it is always referred to as Babrimasjid-Ramjanmabhoomi.

3 Replies to “Babrimasjid-Rammandir”

  1. Join the club, I still don’t know the issue. But communal disharmony or roits have bad aftermath, my husband was is a survivor from the gulbarga roits and thank god I am a doc I can handle it.

  2. 1992 has remained with me since my childhood, have read a lot on it, researching the topic, has been elusive like Mona Lisa smile. Never understood the reason for both.
    Bright side: The peace after the verdict is a sign that liberalization of 1992 was successful. Money do fill some wounds.

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