March to the Oscars

Peepli live 

Makes it to the Oscars,            why?

It’s no doubt a good movie, the great movie of oppressed Indian farmers. Poverty in India, the media politicians, and the rich man getting entertained all at the expense of the poor farmer. A potent fabric to portray the shame of farmer suicides.

Yes poor farmer does exist and it is a challenge we the Indians have to face. Great show aamir, for bringing it forth.

Don’t problems exist in every country? Why don’t we send movies that are more proactive, yes we have a problem and we have the courage to face it, we also have the capacity  to find the solution.

Despite despising Sanjay Dutt as a waste of human resource, I think lage raho munnabhai was a better picture issue of, the lack of ethics, ideology and the alienation of home-grown icons was addressed. The picture made us aware of our shortcomings without preaching. The message came home with laughter and not morbidity.

Swadesh the return of the prodigal is another good movie addressed a lacuna  the presentation was beautiful. Why was that not sent?

Why Peepli live a movie that depicts the country in poor light?

Why do we constantly market ourselves as a divided non progressive country? Earlier we had the sathyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen morbidity being marketed is this the new package?

On one hand if we show Peepli Live to urban Indian masses, there is also the need to show the indigenous methods, achievement of semi-literate youth of Rajasthan and Maharashtra have achieved. The first thing they did was throw the NGO out. They have created self sustained villages from unproductive lands.

We need to re-enforce out faith in ourselves we need to understand that we can do things without the AID from some NGO we need to commit ourselves to our country.

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