The team steam

In the past few years of working with theater groups I find that there is always a force who collects and drives the team, we can choose to call the person the leader or the team builder.

Ask any MBA student the qualities of a leader, they would just rattle—integrity, fairness, kindness, listening skills, having a vision the ability to motivate the ability to delegate. But one thing they do not say to empower and honor the empowerment.

Invariable the person is pretty aggressive, and focused delegates and demands that the delegation is honored.

The team leader has amazing capacity to plan and schedule, they also do it with a leash.

Organizing would also mean empowering and ensuring communication which is a large lacuna, and many a times  enquiry is equated to questioning (I must confess I’ve reacted so couple of times.) the modes of communications also vary someone could call up, some else would write, one needs to assess the situation on the urgency.

Some where along the way there is lack of empowerment and that I would translate as lack of faith or a certain amount of bigotry that there is only way to Rome.

Even appreciation I noticed is very self-flattering, I have done it, and all of you have helped me is the underlying message, I have yet to come across a leader who would say we have done. Genuine appreciation goes a long way.

These are just my observation, thankfully I am neither a leader, nor a team worker I am a humble onlooker who has the luxury of having an opinion – which an expert is denied.



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