Political Pondering.

I feel like Khuswant Singh today so I declare with Malice to one and all.

One agrees that  Times Of India is there to please its advertisers and the congress clan, but one can at least make a farcical attempt of honesty.

A time of India today carries a front page article on Robert vadra and politics, can anyone explain why? With so many issues, that require attention what makes his relationship with his brother-in-law dominate the front page? Is it congress’s new marketing strategy, are they trying to prove their Indianans, by flaunting the Damaad, or is it a subtle way of inviting someone to blast him off existence?

Kasab and his spat with the camera is another FrontPage, graffiti, he should be ignored by the press, no mention of him at all until his trial verdict is announced, until then he can be put on a pork rich diet.

A note to the editor of times of India.

One does not stand for an election one contests an election.

This is for the information of your reporters, whatshisname Sinha and Arti Jerath

One Reply to “Political Pondering.”

  1. A comical and informal actor, a man of distinction , lands up and says, “Hail ,companions and rivals! Study this bit of fiction with caution. I thought about it last night. Find out if you can fathom it.

    Raghuvamsha Dynasty may boast of many bright and kingly scions, but Sita , consort of King Rama of Ayodhya , had twins at childbirth.Luva and Kusha, having grown up with songbirds as companions amidst woody surroundings and not palatial districts,sang a ballad which is known as Gita Ramayana. Folks in India fancy this popular musical to this day. It is a story within a story, with lots of dramatic irony.

    Now, a word about this fabrication.This is just my imagination, call it an illusion, if you may.” Famous last words.Thank you
    this is contributed by sister Ahalya Ballal

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