a journey to self acceptance

how a play sent in a home truth

There are journey’s and journeys

if I could go back in time, I would stop trying to conform and accept myself for what i am.

some like the one made by Gandhi from being a failure as a lawyer to an icon, some like the prince of ayodhya from being an icon to divinity. Lets hope Gandhi does not go the rama way.

To an artist every play is fraction of self discovery.

This particular journey began as I started looking at the various women in Mahabharata, to me they were contradictory in their persona and presentation. Then I discovered the first aspect that the folk lore talks of an internal journey while philosophers will quote an intellectual journey it is the mythologist who blends the two and the poet who presents it. Finally the artist creates the visual.

My character was an exemplary person a responsible capable leader of her society. Until nature called. The journey of my protagonist was my own awakening.

The daughter of a pioneer, she walked in footsteps as a path breaker, along her journey she was admired, envied and trusted. Then came the shackles in the form of the Aryan society which was very different from the existing ethnic society and values.

The need of the protagonist to conform, to become acceptable meant she had to reject her own identity, she had to take on another form which was stifling to her both to her person and persona. When she comes out of her heritage she realizes the place she held in the hearts of her people.

She realizes that she is living this falsehood, and she had to make this choice to be true to herself or to conform to the social norms, entire research made me aware. The truths in my own life.

From being misfit, then trying to conform, this is against the intrinsic nature of my existence I had to leave behind the social structures and emerges, the society had to accept me for what I am and I am strong in myself it will.

The peace of this realization is a beautiful destination. Then the journey has ceased and the living has begun.

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