its hug a bear day

Teddy Roosvelt and the bear

November 7th is Hug a bear day.

Before you go out and look for that bear to hug, or think of a bear-hug (for once I did not goof the spelling) it’s about Teddy bears.

By the way in his bid re-election Teddy Roosevelt used a mascot, the teddy bear; he was very bear like with a snout and beady eyes.

Teddy bear was created by Morris michtom inspired by a political cartoon drawn by Clifford Berryman.  Clifford had illustrated the hunt where teddy Roosevelt refused to kill a tied bear, yet he asked for it to be shot so that it could be put out misery.

1903 heralded the birth of teddy bear; by 1906 he had become a craze and now a childhood necessity. Teddy bear today has become more versatile; with larger eyes and smaller snout that makes him cuter.

Fire, police and emergency service found that children where calmer and more secure when they were handed a teddy bear. So it has become part of standard operational procedure.

What we need to do today is to pick up our cache of teddy bears and soft toys and donate it. J

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