Bag it

!my wallet I forgot it.

 The bank card—it’s in my other purse,

Another time was my friend who upturned and bag for a wallet and the things like a disposable spoon, a cache of candy wrappers, and no wallet.

But how do we decide what to carry in our handbag. Remember handbag is a wee bit different from your wallet. To a woman her handbag is micro cosmos

If fengshui was the art of harnessing energy it should apply to the handbag too, after all that is where we put in our prosperity (read money)

Here’s to fengshui your handbag. (Courtesy masters academy) the fundamental rule of fengshui is when you bring something in, you throw something out this is about moving on in life.

  • Size of the bag depends on how many things you need to carry.
  • Cleaning the bag regularly say at least once a week is essential.
  • Make of list of what you really require and toss the rest out.
  • Organize and choose the right compartment for the right object basically depending on the utility.

For those who are constantly changing handbags it is essentially to choose one depending on where they are headed.

Some things are required everyday and the others change with the appointment


  • Wallet
    • Some identification
    • Cash up to Rs,100/-
    • Credit/debit card
    • License
    • Grocery store card.
    • Membership card
    • Keys keep this minimum
      • Office
      • Home
      • Vehicle
      • Cell phone
        • List emergency numbers
        • Cosmetics(keep these in one pouch)
          • Hand sanitizer
          • Compact
          • Comb
          • Lipstick
          • Purse perfume
          • Business
            • Notepad/organizer
            • Pen
            • Business cards.
            • Prescription medication and emergency ones like
              • Band-Aid
              • Aspirin
              • Sanitary towel/tampon.
              • Sunglasses
              • Miniature torch.
              • Bottle of water.
              • One folded cloth bag for emergency shopping

Those prone to acne need to carry

Actually one needs to treat money with lot of respect; it needs to put away tidily in the wallet and not just stuffed any place. Having a coin pouch may be a very good practise though most wallets come with one.

My friend says carry joy and faith in your wallet she has a picture of her family and deity.

Another feels that one of those fold able umbrella’s are a must with her.

Choosing the right colour.

Black                           discretion and status

Red                              energises

Brown                         safety

Green-yellow               attracts wealth

Pink-orange                 attracts romance.


Large handbags make you look small

Small handbag’s make you look big. J

The best thing ever was what I learnt from fly lady. What she said was every Friday cleans up your handbag and what you don’t need just junk it.

bag for an occasion
photograph by Triveni

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