lets talk turkey

what turkey means to a veggie

To talk Turkey, I am a veggie, so it is all well I don’t have to eat my words.

To talk Turkey means to speak plainly apparently it has its origin in a folk story or a white man and an Indian going on a hunt, they kill a bird the white man offers “either you take the buzzard and I take the turkey or I take the turkey and you take the buzzard” to which the Indian replied “you talk turkey”

A joke apart to me Turkey is the land of mystics, mystery and romance brought alive by the story tellers.

Constantinople east and west, the bridge between the orient and occident my interaction with town is been through the eyes of various writers. Dame Agatha Christie forever sent her characters on a bus to Anatolia. Some stories like murder on the orient express actively took place in Istanbul.

Most importantly Turkey is the home state of Mullah Nasiruddin Hodja. They have an annual festival in honour, my dream is to be there one day.

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