song of the soul bird

soul music is hidden within all of us

birds at dawn

The song of the soul.

There are days when the dementors strikes, who the dementors are you want to know, haven’t you read harry potter? They are dark, damp legless creature that invade your it is like you will not know joy at all, one despairs, for eternity.

That is when the song of the soul is heard. The strangest but the strongest of all songs, it is the song of the rising dawn, bringing warmth, the rustling of trees, and the chirping of birds, sound of the world awaking.

Sometimes the song is louder in the evening the evening it soothes the soul and invites you to pause a while.

The winds that roar over the mountains, the sea that crashes the rocks the warmth of the winter sun treading on the dew sprayed gross—isn’t the song of the soul worth listening to?

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