the Japanese one

the worst roommate experience ever

Long-nosed Bandicoot

this is one story that I wish I had something to share but I never stayed in a hostel, even the 10mnths I did my I had a single seater.

The only roommates I can draw from my husband, (no horror experience there) my children no horror experience here either except for the great kicking and midnight stories.

Yes, this one creature that we had an intruder in our bed room when we had newly shifted to this house, the bandicoot, and guess what I am a Tupperware buff so I blue good amount of money on those containers, the great uninvited house guest and room mate nibbles only Tupperware, I tried keeping them empty no news, it would disturb the containers ferret out the Tupperware and chew it, I guess it must one of the loyal Japanese rats.

Finally even my non-violent husband threw up his patience and got a rat trap, with the rat trapped, Tupperware trashed, peace prevails for eternity or the next bandicoots arrival.

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