I think the extensive work load listed by me yesterday on Plinky has crumbs of help thrown at me.

Amma’s pattimaadu (make a list) seem to rule the roost. I am sharing it will all as a New Year gift.

Grocers list is something we all do. But a list of to do done and ticked at the end of the day gives a sense of achievement. There are certain jobs that can be planned well in advance.

Maintenance check list of the handiwork to be done around the house. With the contacts and numbers is very helpful. I know a friend who puts in draining cleaning with PWD help before rains to prevent clogging. She does it in the beginning of the year I mean schedule it so that she does not over stretch herself or “adjust”

Birthday lists of course all us do.

Packing list for a vacation. A good idea would be how many days, what events, do we have access to washing facility. Gifts to be given etc.etc. and then pack accordingly. Medicines, cosmetics everything should be listed. It also helps when repacking for the return journey.

Imagine what bliss it would be having a weekly cleaning list with the name of the family member responsible on it and the person honouring the responsibility without having to be reminded. – Utopia.

Car maintenance checklist. Schedule times when you need to make appointments for an oil change and general car maintenance.

Diwali preparation checklist, gifts check list for Diwali all this would make life easy.

A big thank you to all donors, I shall definitely try to do it.

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