to the mathemagician.

To my maths teacher

numbers layout

Good morning Silva Master,

This is 2010 December and I now live in goa the place is filled with the festive air that precedes Christmas.

I do not know if you remember me, You always called me a hot headed Hande.

To me Christmas meant Papa and Mai’s (Felix and Baiyamma) house in ajjarkaad. And later your house.

It is not just Christmas; I think we were very lucky that we had teachers who were inspired by their subjects and their vocations. Particularly in maths and science unlike today where failed software engineers or people who could not make it to the med school opt for careers in teaching

“The schools teach calculations and not mathematics” I saw this in print two days ago but you always told us that in class.

It was just one calculation per class but a whole lot of learning.

One memory that is very strong in me is you placing a Rs.100/- on the table and then challenging all the teachers I have kept it here and I have told the students it should stay here until I pick it up I have the faith my students will not let me down, do you have the faith in yourself that your words would be given the same respect?

From you sir I learnt the difference of God, spirituality, being ritualistic and religious the finer shades of the word. From you sir we learnt that the worth of a person was in his deeds and his thoughts and not from where he came.

One other memory that stays very alive is when you took us to task for teasing the trainee teachers, you told us, “Do you know the effort and courage it takes to stand up and address students, if you cannot understand what they say ask, if you still cannot then come to me, if you cannot come to me it simply means you cannot face yourself and that is the worst possible situation.”

Lighter moments of “maamina illedegu potubarkaa,” and “anthonida illada mith santonida maar”

Your vibrant effection for your wife”Delli” aunty’s lovely homemade wine. With that you gave us a small talk on winery and wine making and you had commented that we should try to make mango wine. At that moment I was ashamed of hailing from Perampalli which was famous for its brewery.

Memories are so many I wish I had the time to tell you what you meant to us.

Yours effectionately


Ps:    I am still very very short tempered.

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