pop icon

A pop icon is a celebrity, character, or object whose fame in pop culture constitutes a defining characteristic of a given society or era.


popcorn and movie

All the while I assumed that Pop star meant a singing star, now I’m told a Pop star’s longevity is dependent on his or her notoriety

Stars come and go but it is the popcorn that rules the movie goers, so Popcorn is the undoubted icon of the era. fortunately pop is striving and refuses to die, it only reinvents itself.

The Us citizens and the world fans have declared Jan.19 as the Popcorn day,though the popcorn month is October.

Discovered by English it is one more gift of the American Indians to the world. Maize popped in the right heat, and tossed with subtle flavor is a comfort food.

It is a low fat and high energy product with a very enticing fragrance.

so have a popping day.(I almost wrote popinjay!)

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