the Karmic Debt

Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery so live in today, nice thought, philosophy and the anthem of the great contemporary spiritual seekers. (That’s an other muse all together)

Another favorite is the cause and effect the Karmic Law, it looks like Newton had his realization through every action has an equal and opposite reaction,

Tell me about yesterday being history as clean up after a weeks retreat of a baker’s dozen.

Tell about good Karma after I have just cooked 24 meals for a dozen and half of people.

Maybe yesterday being history is a good enough excuse for amnesia, while Karmic accounting takes care of recuperation.

To me a scar is a trophy of a challenge overcome, one more scar is more trophy, an acknowledgement of my endurance power even if I have to lick my wounds and blow my trumpet.

Maybe I should thank my maker for not making me spiritual.  🙂


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