honoring the wedding ring

Of the plethora of items, idea and events that have been honored by giving their own day, the wedding ring has its day on the on 3rd of February

It’s a great symbol that has been handed down from probably the Egyptians, who fashioned their rings from the reeds round Nile.  The papyrus, reeds ad whatnot where probably braided and twisted into circles, circles from time immemorial have represented eternity. But these reeds lasted only a year so they were gradually replaced by ivory, and other ornamental material until the age of metals came by with gold rings. This custom was adopted by the Romans who conquered Egypt during under the command of Alexander.

The ring in itself symbolizes eternity, in most cultures, it has no beginning no end, it returns to itself and the round shape of the sun and moon have been worshiped. The whole is the center of the ring is the symbol or gateway leading to things and events both known and unknown.  So it is not a surprise that it is associated with love and marriage.

Like today the rings are worn on the third finger of the left hand as it is believed that the vein from this finger travelled directly to heart. This was called vena amoris is Latin that meant the vein of love.

Wedding rings today are specialized jewellery with stones and materials rich in symbols. The untarnishable gold and strong solitaire.


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