The trivia hoader.

collecting scalps was not my forte but I did go through the path stamps, coins, greeting cards, and have finally settled for Agatha Christie and Asterix.

agatha christie


well i went through various ones. Though scalps were never on collectible list, memories are no doubt there.

There were stamps for a while, when uncle Raja gifted me a starter book I must have been in standard three or four.That stayed on and off till I left med school, then I donated the lot to my nephew.

During my teenage when I was a bad case of dandruff, I actually collected the flakes that came up and studied under microscope until some article told me that it was a sign of psychiatric abnormality.

My favorite collections are my collections of greetings, Agatha Christie and Asterix comics.

The collection of greeting cards started unwittingly when my cousin Bharat and I discovered that we received about 25 cards each for our birthday. Each year we vied with each other for the honor of receiving the maximum ones. Invariably Bharat one with his 39 cards over my 35. 😦

Agatha Christie is an ongoing collection. I love her books, now my daughters do too. But I refuse to pick Parker Pyne investigates or Satterwaite series, my collection focuses on Poirot and Miss Marple though my favorite ones are Lord Edgware dies, The secret of the chimneys, and the seven dial mystery.

When it comes to Asterix they are all collectables. So are Underzo’s Iznogood.

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