Power of the ordinary woman

kannamma aunty as mother superior in a play

Years of clinical practise I have come across s many women many of them in their wrong side of 35yrs. I have come across women who are on a quest to find meaning in their life; they say there is a vacuum that they are not able to handle. They have done their rounds to various spiritual Gurus’ to fill that vacuum.
Maybe I should introduce them to Kannamma, many Manipalities may remember the wife of the Anatomy Professor Dr.Krishnaswamy. she was very dynamic and maybe slightly bossy too. She had spearheaded the Manipal Mahila samaj through its many activities.
Early in their married life without much ado she adopted her  niece.
Now at 89, she lives with her older sister Kuppamma. When both of them were mobile they went everyday to the hospital to help out people who needed simple help like someone to write a letter or someone to relieve their caregiver till she had a bath and lunch, the nurses would keep some of the work aside for them. Since neither sister could drive they had hired an auto.
Now Kuppamma is bed ridden and Kannamma is weaker than before so she goes once a week. She says it makes her humble to see the privileged life that she has lived. And it also gives her immense joy that people look forward to her coming.

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