Good morning world

how i begin my day

Evolution of Coffee

My day begins at 4am, it is with turning on the coffee percolator, drink a glass of water, brush, and freshen up by then the coffee is ready. I sit at the balcony with the stars drink my coffee, take print outs for the day’s schedule and start off.

At 6 am I wake my husband and take a 15mnt. doze, he now makes the tea after that cup of tea my day begins the lunch boxes, the laundry load the dishwasher schedule, menu and then my writing.

the morning news is with the tea along with my husband.

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4 responses to “Good morning world”

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  2. parwatisingari Avatar

    Arpit and I envy people who can stay up at night I conck off at 10pm which can be embaressing

  3. arpitgarg Avatar

    holy moly…4am!!! around the time, I go to bed. I respect early risers…coz I have never been one.

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