Ginger bread is a soft molasses cake flavoured with ginger.

  • It is a soft molasses ginger cookie sometimes elaborately decorated.
  • Ginger bread also refers to elaborate ornamentation
  • Gingerbread could also mean something superfluous, tasteless, embellishment particularly referring to architecture.

5th of June is the gingerbread day; there seems a mild confusion whether it is the 5th of June or 5th day after thanksgiving. To get facts straight it is 5th of June as it is the way the fans of gingerbread honour it. Gorging before summer.

Was celebrated during Christmas. But celebrating it in June is the way of gingerbread fans to honour it. It is like stocking up before the summer set in.

The legends say Queen Elizabeth the 1st of England invented the gingerbread man.

The gingerbread originally meant preserved ginger, as ginger was the second costliest spice imported.

Ginger was brought to America by the English.

It was the story of Hansel and Gretel that actually romanticized the gingerbread by having a ginger bread house.

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