world envoirnment day

Is like the earth day, it is supposed call political attention and public action towards environmental issues. The theme for 2011 is Forest-Nature at your service with one-third the earth’s land mass being covered by forests and 1.6 billion people dependent on it for their living.
The various sites suggests
• Talks,
• Exhibitions
• Bicycle rally
Tree planting
Green concerts
As ways to celebrate the environment day.
We see NDTV and other channels talking of greenathons and whatever is this where our responsibility ends? The celebrities who run these greenathons have houses round the world; this is definitely eating into the forest space to make space for habitation. I see flats in goa closed for the entire year except for that one week during the Christmas to new year, this is again a strain on the resources. Of course there are people who claim that these holiday houses give employment to the locals that is the local yokel/fisher folk housekeep for the owners.
Let’s not talk about others, are we willing to give up cars and bike to take public transports?
We have no college or even a vocational course that will allow us optimize our forest wealth without damaging it. We have architecture colleges, we have civil engineering courses that teach us to build buildings depleting land resource, polluting water resources and demolishing forest resource. We already massacred the wild life.
Maybe we the middle class citizens need to look at ourselves before chase the urban dream.

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