Check List for a great party.

Let’s party,
It’s party time,
Plinky prompt of the day is the ideal number of guests for a party.
But what goes into making a party a success?
3-4 weeks prior to the event
• Decide the day and date
• Create a guest list
• Create a budget.
• Pick a venue and book it.
• Decide a theme.
• Make a supply list
• Decide on the cake design if needed.
Two weeks before the party
• Mail in the invitation
• Plan the menu
• Make a general grocery list.
• Take an inventory of the serving dishes and check if you need to beg, borrow or steal. 
• Call up the people from whom you need to borrow fix a date of pick up.
• Check your supply of camera, film
• Order your cake if you’re not baking it.
Week prior to the party
• Confirm venue
Select party music
• Shop grocery
• Confirm head count—call in the RSVP’S
• Pick up event prizes
• Clean house
Two days prior to the event:
• Shift and label goody bags and prizes.
• Charge your camcorder
• Purchase last-minute requirements
• Purchase perishables
• Pick up things to be borrowed.
• Make room in the fridge for the cooked food.
• Tidy the general areas of the house.
• Clean up the area used for party.
The day before:
• Bake and decorate the cake if you are doing it yourself
• Confirm cake order if ordering it.
• Get games and activities in order.
• Prepare food that can be prepared ahead,
• Clean cooler if using one.
The big day
• Keep enough time for your dressing
• Pick up ice decorate
• Prepare remaining food
• Last minute tidy up.
A day or two afterwards
• Develop films
• Write thank you notes enclose pictures.
If organizing a party is so tedious then don’t you think the guest list is important?
So how many does it takes to make an ideal party?
Even before I made this list I should have figured what is meant by a party?
Party incidentally has its origin in 1250-1300 AD English and is inspired by the French noun parti.
If we consider party as a noun then
It’s a social gathering of invited friends and guess for conversation, refreshments and entertainment. The ideal number of guests here would be enough to have a comfortable conversation, which is all your guests, must be comfortable with each other; the cost of food and venue should be within your budget.
If it is a gathering of people for a special task say a hunt party—again the ideal number would be just enough for everyone to relax in each other’s company and carry on the purpose of the party. If it is a formal then all associated with that task, or all associated with the company would definitely be there.
If it is a squad, or detachment or detail of a troop—like a search party then more the merrier.
If my party was an adjective then
It takes only to be party to a secret. For here party is something shared or pertaining to.
If is something pertaining to a party like a leader then god forbid we have more than one, if is something like a party dress then well…
If my party is a verb then
It’s to participate in a series of parties; I guess the guest list here is bringing your own guest.
But what likes the best is verb—to enjoy oneself thoroughly without restrain hey then it’s more the merrier.

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